Monday, March 29, 2010

Art Box/Abstract Art

Yesterday, Selena informed me that she wanted to do an abstract art project. I asked her what an abstract art project was, and she said “I don’t know.” That seems to be her answer for all our questions anymore.

I brought out her bucket of art supplies where we have colored pencils, markers, and her stampers. We discussed how Abstract art is simply lines, shapes and colors done anywhere on the page she wants it to be. I then began to make my version of an abstract just to get her started.

Selena got very interested. She first drew a self portrait then started her abstract around that.



To see what others are doing with art boxes visit Tired Need Sleep.

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  1. How sweet. :) It's a beautiful piece of abstract art!

  2. I love your lesson in abstract! What a neat concept to teach little ones;)

  3. This is fantastic that Selena knows already what abstract art is. Hers look great, and I love her self-portrait in the middle.

  4. very fun art lesson and open ended project for her :-)

  5. That's such a cute abstract art. And I love her proud look.

  6. That is so cute that she mentioned abstract art. I wonder where she picked up that term?

  7. I love coloring with crayons and markers...still.

    I'll be right over. LOL