Saturday, February 6, 2010

What We Are Reading



We’ve really enjoyed Ben’s Pens by Alice K. Flanagan. It is a very easy read, and emphasizes on the short vowel e sound. Selena has enjoyed being able to use her knowledge from Progressive Phonics while reading this book pretty much independently.


biscutandthelittlepuppy biscutsbigfriend

Yes, we seemed to have a theme this week. Selena grabbed almost every Biscuit book she could find at the library. We love the Biscuit books by Capucilli. Selena finds them easy to read by herself, but she also just enjoys having them read to her. They have very cute story themes with very nice illustrations.


Good Luck Bear by Greg Foley, is another cute story about a bear on the hunt for a four leaf clover. Again this was a book that Selena enjoyed having me read to her, but she also found it easy to read independently. The illustrations are very cute and simple for any young reader.

thefamilybook Natalie at Mouse Grows Mouse Learns recommended this book when Selena was beginning to ask a lot of questions about her family. Selena enjoyed the book, and the simplicity is a very simple read looking at all different make ups of families.  Again this book is illustrated very nicely and is an easy read, Selena had no problem with reading it independently after we read it together a few times.

To see what others are reading head on over to Mouse Grows Mouse Learns.

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  1. I had to laugh, after reading Natalie's comment about most children's books featuring either a dog, a mouse, or a bear, to see all three of them here. I hadn't noticed it before, but I think she's right!

  2. Oh we love Bisquit! Thank you for the reminder... we'll have to look for these at our library! Good Luck Bear sounds really cute too.

  3. I have never seen Biscuit! I"ll be looking, though. I am just amazed that Selena can read! Good work teaching her!

  4. Dawson LOVES the Biscuit series. I've featured a few of them in my Book Fan Friday posts. :-)

    I'm glad that Selena is doing well with reading.

  5. We love Biscuit books too.

    Thanks for sharing the book about families. I can feel some questions coming on from Joe when he realizes that Hanna doesn't have the same biological father as he does.

  6. Thanks for joining this week. Biscuit books are fun read for emergent readers - the story line is bound to include "woof woof" on practically every page. We still take them from the library from time to time. I am glad that Selena enjoyed The Family Book - we found it to be a great read like all the other Todd Parr books. We have We Belong Together now - a book about adoption.