Saturday, February 6, 2010

Selena The Tooth Fairy

All of a sudden tonight Selena came up to me

Selena: Mama close your eyes.

I obliged and closed my eyes as I heard her running off to the kitchen. At this point I didn’t quite know what she was going to give me.

Selena: Open your eyes!

I open my eyes to see her handing me something imaginary in her little hand.

Me: Oh Wow! What is it?

Selena: It’s your tooth.

Me: Oh Thank you!

Grandpa: Are you the tooth fairy Selena?

Selena: Yes I am! Grandpa, close your eyes, but take off your glasses.

Grandpa: I don’t need to take off my glasses to close my eyes, see I can’t see.

Selena: Grandpa take off your glasses.

Finally Grandpa said ok and took off his glasses and closed his eyes as Selena went running off again to the kitchen. Pretty soon she returned.

Selena: Open up Grandpa.

Grandpa: You mean open my eyes?

Selena: Yes, open your eyes.

Grandpa: Oh Wow, is it my tooth?

Selena: Yes, I am the tooth fairy!

Grandpa: But I don’t want my tooth I want my money.

Selena at this point looked confused closed her eyes and held her hand out for Grandpa to hand her a tooth, which she stuck back in her mouth and with a huge smile announced: It’s all fixed.

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  1. Awwww, how sweet. My kids recently watched an episode of Super Why with the Tooth Fairy, and they told me all about how you lose your tooth and the tooth fairy gives you a gift in exchange for your old tooth.

  2. That's cute how she wanted him to take off his glasses :)

  3. I think it is great that you record these precious moments with Selena.

    This is cute Debbie!! So fun!

    Speaking of the tooth fairy, Hanna lost a tooth tonight.

  4. That is so adorable !!! I love this second chance we get.

  5. Selena is too funny. I remember when we read a book that contained reference to a tooth fairy and Anna said excitedly, I know who the tooth fairy is! It's a dentist! I think that she is not too far off here :)

  6. Such imaginations they have at this age! That was sweet, thanks for sharing.

  7. Haha - too cute! I like how she has formed her version of events!

  8. I loved reading this. Kiddos imaginations are so wonderful.