Thursday, February 4, 2010

Preschool Corner/Children’s Museum


This week has been a lag week as far as actual schooling was concerned. We focused more on the life skills that Selena is learning and succeeding on this week then any actual academics.

Thursday, however, we did get to go on a small play date to the Children’s Museum in Olympia.


I was impressed with all the art work and how realistic it looks throughout the place. Here Selena is playing with different noise affect buttons in the Children’s Theater section.


They had a lot of costumes the kids could put on and a puppet area but Selena was consumed by these wooden shoes!

100_2043 Watering her garden.


Reaping her harvest!



Selena discovered the hens, and was quite surprised to find eggs under the hens!

100_2048 Lobster anyone? Though she called it a crab!


Playing Dr. on Miss Stacy in the back of an ambulance!


The girls are off on a call, somebody is in need of medical help!


Preparing to cook. Must wash the hands first.





Eating the food she prepared, I thought it was awful funny that they had a box of laundry detergent on the dining room table where the kids were eating their pretend food.


Had to get a picture of our State Capital, since the Children’s Museum is across the street from it.

There was so much more fun that the kids had from different water activities, arts and crafts, examining bugs, feathers, leaves, news print with a microscope, trains, boats, oh the list goes on and on! I would say a good time was had by all!

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  1. It sounds like a great museum for kids. Clearly Selena had a lot of fun there and learned a lot by trying all those new things.

  2. Sounds like a fun place to go.

    Just wanted to let you know that I am not sure, at this point, where I got the maps from that I am using for our geography. I printed them out last year for the older children and they never used them. I happened to find them in the drawer several days ago (perfect timing). If I can figure it out I will let you know. Sorry.

  3. We have very similar children's museum here that we love visiting.

    It looks like Selena had a blast at yours! You captured alot of fun moments.

    Pretty picture of your state captial too.

  4. We've been there! We've spent half our life in Washington and half in Minnesota! That museum is SO MUCH fun! Just thinking about it I can smell the Washington air...there's no other place like it! Hmmmm....

  5. It looks like Selena had a lot of fun! We went to the Children's Museum this week, too...Olympia is a little far...we went to The Children's Museum of Indianapolis. It's always fun to take a break from the normal.

  6. I love how she washed her hands! She really is picking up a lot of life skills!

  7. Hi, I just realized that I must have gone to google and searched images for "USA Map Outline." I then copied it into my word processing program and printed it out. The one that looks about the same as the one I used is from They also have a neat series of lessons I tried to do with the older children. You can go to the website and click on each state or they have an email unit study you can subscribe to here:
    The series goes in the order the states were added to the Union. Now that I am remembering this it sounds like something that I may just add to our lesson time.

  8. Oh I love it. We have yet to visit our big one in Austin. But we are going soon.

  9. We've had a week where we did very little schooling as well. We have filled our days with craft activities and general day to day things.

    The Children's Museum looks fantastic. There are so many different hands-on activities for children to engage in. Selena sure does look like she was soaking it all up and enjoyed making new discoveries.

  10. I love children's museums.

  11. Looks like great fun. What a wonderful museum to have close by.

  12. That place is awesome~!! I wish we could go to something like that.

  13. Oh that really looks great! I love the garden.

  14. Our kids love the children's museum ~ so worth it!! :) We haven't been in awhile and need to go back. The arts and craft section alone makes it worth it for us! :)