Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Phonics Readers


While at the library today, I was very excited over finding a series of books by Alice K. Flanagan. They are Phonics books, each book is based on a different letter of the alphabet, or letter blends. Today all our library had was some consonants, long vowel a, this short vowel e, and short vowel o. I picked up this one, the short vowel e since we just finished this in progressive phonics. Selena was so surprised to discover that there were so many of the words in the book that she could read all by herself. At first she wanted to try to figure the story line out from the picture, but after I pointed out all the words that she knows, she got so excited and didn’t put the book down for a good half hour.

I highly recommend these books to supplement any reading program you might be using. I know for Selena to read it from her phonics books and then to see those familiar words in our games and on her phonics wall was always pretty exciting but to see the same words in a library book made her day. I will be checking the entire series out before the year ends!

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  1. Its great that she is becoming more confident and skilled in her reading.

  2. We read some of those books before and also phonics books by Moncure, but Anna never liked the ones that were non-fictional. She is just now slowly warming up to the books with photo pictures. But I agree - those books are good helpers on the road to reading.

  3. I am really interested in your recommendation as I am just starting to explore our options for learning to read. I will be checking these books out and seeing if we can access them here.

    I have just added my link about Australia to your geography/History carnival. I really like your idea of using a scrapbook to collate all of your resources to learn about other places using the postcards from The Postcard Exchange. I also think it is a fantastic idea to include literacy, numeracy and creative activities in your geography/ history lessons. I am really excited to see what you and Selena do for these lessons.

  4. Thank you Debbie!

    I always need suggestions in this area and trust your judgement.