Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Geography/History Lesson 5


This truly has been one of those weeks. Selena has done so much in just growing, that school has taken the back burner this week. We have just been exploring life skills and allowing her the time and space to get use to her newly found skills, growth, and the sense of independence that comes with all of that.

She has successfully potty trained herself, and is absolutely so proud of her new independence in this area. She is discovering that she can figure out the front from the back on her clothes, and even when they are inside out.

Along with this comes so many more life skills, the art of washing our hands, realizing that there was a reason we insisted on this all the time. She is also figuring out her own routine or schedule, wanting to jump strait from bed, and right into her clothes (she is still wearing pull-ups at night), brushing her hair and brushing her teeth. Selecting the exact time she wants her pajamas put on in the evening, and along with this has been a huge time for lots of cuddles, talks, play, and questions!

I decided to just introduce the idea I have and the direction we will go in with our Geography/History lessons from here on. For Christmas I received a scrapbook, now it was not the scrapbook I really wanted, so I decided to give it to Selena.


We will use all the supplies in it, and yes, I will probably be buying more, to put together our Geography/History resource book. I hope to incorporate reading, writing, math, and art concepts throughout our Geography/History lessons.


We will select a postcard, visit the senders blog, learn something from their family, read what they wrote on the postcard, research each State and City. We will find the State on a map, and find all the interesting facts and bits of history that we can. All of this will work into an ongoing Geography/History book that Selena will be able to use, and expand on for years to come. We will incorporate pocket folders, for added information on each State or where ever our studies might take us.

Now for my Carnival, I want to open this up to include everyone in the blog world who is teaching their children Geography/History lessons. You DO NOT have to participate in the postcard exchange to be a part of this Carnival. I feel Geography/History is such an important door we can open up to our children to teach them such valuable lessons including how to take care of our world and have a true sense of taking care of others. Of course if you want to exchange postcards all you have to do is say so and we will gladly send you one, so long as you send us one back.

I would appreciate those of you who are currently participating to let your followers know about this Carnival. Let’s see how fast we can grow. I thank all of you for your interest in my postcard exchange, and feel that this would not be a starting point if not for all of you!

A few simple rules: I have had a few questions about when this Carnival will be posted. I will post a weekly post with our lesson and a MckLinky. Jump in anytime during the week with your lesson or at anytime you see my post!

Obviously all links should be Geography or History related, this even includes the history of a particular culture, tradition, anything that our children can learn from. (Such as the traditions of Groundhog Day, I have seen some wonderful posts about this historical event!)

You do not have to use my button, but please link back to this carnival in your post.

When linking up, please link the exact blog post. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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  1. Looks like we're thinking on similar lines for how we're doing the different states. Now I just need to finalize what I want to do. That's the hard part. Right now I'm thinking maybe file folders....

  2. It looks like Selena is on the true growth spurt in her ability to do things independently. I find the idea of a geography book intriguing, but I also know for a fact that it's too early to introduce it here unless I want to do all the work myself and "make" her contribute something. Maybe it will be something for the next year, since her fine motor skills will be a lot more mature than they are now.

  3. I really do love this idea. Are you going to make it weekly, or is this a one time linky, that will be open for a while?

  4. What a fun idea, I will join in with my 5year old. Im wondering the same as the comment above is it weekly or monthly?

  5. Did you get our postcard from Utah? Just checking because I couldn't see it in the picture. We are moving to California in 3 weeks so I won't be able to send anymore after that. (Well anymore from Utah, I mean. I have been having a TON of fun with this exchange!)

  6. What a big girl! I am sure that she is SO proud of herself. I love the idea of the geography scrapbook!

  7. Oh, so cool, we just noticed our card in the picture. Love the scrapbook idea. Not sure we are going to have enough to even think of a scrapbook for now we are hanging them up with our map and coloring in our blank maps. Not sure if she would be interested in anything further.

  8. So coincidental that you posted this. I just decided how I want to do our geography. I am going to start with the states, not world/continent studies. We are going to conduct our studies much like you guys are, but I do not think we are doing postcards, not at this point anyway.

    I hope to start it in the next couple weeks, after our week of dragons next week.

    I can't wait to see what you guys do with each state!!

  9. Our family would love to join in the postcard exchange! And hopefully the carnival too from time to time. Let me know how we go about swapping info.