Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Great Intentions


I had great intentions to make a new button for my Geography/History Carnival. Well you can see above my button. I will get a drop menu and post it to the side of my blog sometime!

This week we have done absolutely nothing, well I shouldn’t say nothing or maybe I shouldn’t say absolutely nothing. Ever have those days when you have plans all laid out, you know just exactly what you are going to teach, just exactly what you want to get done, then discover your running late for dance class, and now that dance class is over it is time to think about dinner? Oh well that has been the way my week has gone so far.

My intentions were to do more today, Oh Yes, you can see it got done. It is almost lunch time and I have a hair appointment at 2:00. Since we only do schooling for 4 days a week, I guess this week is already half done. We have fit in 15 minutes of phonics and have to go to the library, if not today tomorrow.

There are a few things Selena learned this week:

1. Don’t put the plug in the bathroom sink and turn on the water, that tends to create a mess when unattended.

2. Make sure and pay attention when sitting on the big potty as we don’t want to slip and fall in. As she put it “My bum bum is wet!”

3. Ask Mama to lay out my clothes or else they all go on backwards and sometimes inside out. At least they aren’t upside down, yet anyway!

I am truly hoping that tomorrow we will start our geography scrapbook. So send me positive vibes to get the things we need for this done and pre cut, and my research done for tomorrows lesson.

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  1. The button looks great - that's a start anyway!

  2. Oh dear, if it is any consolation I Have a lot of those weeks around here hehehe

  3. Oh Debbie, I hope your week turns around for you, I truly do!

    Honestly, we have some sort of thing like that happen around here daily, sometimes just more than others!

    Hugs and good luck!

  4. I did have one try to put their clothes on upside down and then laugh. I think it might be Princess.......
    I've certainly had days/weeks like that. I"m thinking last week. I have a printable all made up that we never used.

  5. I like the button, and Selena learned some important things this week :) I hope the week will look up from now on. It's a shortened week for us here as well since I am traveling on Thursday and Friday.