Thursday, January 21, 2010

Preschool Corner Weekly Update


It was an amazing week around here. Selena really engaged in her phonics and finished book 2. Next week we will be moving on to book 3 short vowel i. It is so fun to listen to her using the concepts of big, bigger, biggest, small, smaller, smallest, right and left, and so many other concepts we have talked about in her imaginary play and in talking to us. She has also added a few more of her phonics words to those she can spell.

One day everything in her world was just “incredible” and nothing was “impossible”, her vocabulary just keeps getting stronger and she is using longer words all the time. We do a lot of fun quizzing with her though on long words. We have from the time she started talking and have always been amazed that she has seldom ever mispronounced very many words. We played a game this week where we named all the States. She had fun repeating Papa and I as we randomly called off the names of the States. We do the same with the days of the week and the months.

She got her second copy of High Five so we had fun playing I spy with the hidden pictures, reading the stories in it, and listening to her make up her own stories looking at the pictures.

Selena is becoming more cuddly of late. This has led to some great reading time, making up our own stories, and just spending time together. This week Selena has started a game where one of us starts the story, the next person tells a little bit, then the next one tells a little bit more until we reach the end of the story. Papa has enjoyed playing this game with her, he is so comical and always puts a great twist on the stories that Selena makes up, leading to many laughs and funny or hilarious stories. She even made her own cast just to show Ticia’s daughter Princess that she cared. Ticia is from Adventures in Mommydom.


Selena keeps pushing herself with math skills, by trying so hard to count beyond 30, today she actually got up to 35 before loosing interest. She is grouping objects so well, without even thinking twice about having to count the objects. We play various games with pom poms, tiles, or whatever we find sometimes I ask her to give me a certain amount and it is amazing how she just knows how many to grab. She has moved from counting each object to confidence in just seeing how many she needs. She is even starting to catch on to 3 + 3 = 6 idea, so we will probably start some simple addition and subtraction games.

Selena still loves receiving her postcards that are coming in. She is so engaged to her maps we are making and examines them everyday. If you haven’t done so and would still like to exchange postcards just leave us a comment letting me know.

Selena is now riding her bike with no help at all, that includes steering it. She also asks for dance class everyday. She didn’t have dance this week due to the holiday, but we will return on Monday for her second lesson.

This pretty well sums up our week. It seems strange to do these without all the pictures, but I know that it is paying off to not take so many pictures. Selena is more engaged in all her work without the camera, so we will remain picture free.

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  1. We are still working on the bike riding, he just doesnt get it!

    I also hear you on the pictures. It doesnt affect him I dont think, but I find that I am too involved in the picture taking.

    Good week! She is too cute for no pictures though! :)

  2. Don't you just love when you have these amazing weeks. It's wonderful to hear that your week went so well.

    Storytime sounds like so much fun in your house. It's always enjoyable to make up your own stories. I like the idea of having more than one story teller and taking turns to share in a story.

    How very sweet of Selena to make a cast to show Princess that she was thinking of her. What an empathetic and caring girl Selena is.

    We will be sending our postcards off next week. We are starting our theme about Australia, so I thought this would be a perfect time to finally get our postcards off to everyone.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I love the picture of her cast, that is too precious.
    We have a lot of storytimes at our house like that of telling stories. Our kids call it "telling stories with your mouth, not a book."

  4. I am impressed with the bike riding! how old is Selena?
    She is one smart little girl!
    Lots of fun ideas! :)

  5. I know what you mean about vocabulary - I always enjoy to hear "big words" coming from this little mouth :) It sounds like you had a very fun week - and how nice it is of Selena to make a cast like Princess has. I am jealous about bike riding - I have a hunch that it will take Anna a long time since she is not really passionate about having a bike.

  6. I'm very intrigued by your postcards. Lexy hasn't had a lot of exposure to other countries. I've thought about learning about different missionaries around the world, and she in turn would learn about the cultures of those countries. I just can't get myself organized enough to get it together.

  7. She is doing so very well in all areas Debbie! She seems to progress each week.

    I am glad you are getting your cuddle time again! That is something I so look forward to each day!

  8. I love the picture you have up of your LO. Her cast is too funny! Yay for bike riding. I remember learning how to ride my bike and how pleased I was.