Thursday, January 21, 2010

Postcard/Geography lesson 3

US Map

We have had fun this week in our Geography studies. We continue to receive postcards from all over, and still welcome to exchange more.

Selena loves getting her postcards, reading them and then putting them in a little box until we get to actually studying where each one came from. After she reads them, we do go look at everyone’s blog together, so she can see who they came from. She loves naming the people in the picture, many times it will me Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister etc… I love this as she is really getting to see that families come in all sizes, and not any two families are the same.

Yesterday was a beautiful day here for this time of year so we walked to the library. After we got home we made a map of part of our little town. Selena picked a few places we go to and we figured out where they were on the map. She also practiced her address, and located our house on her map.

100_1991 She then had to show me the way we go to get to these places. The places she chose to put on her map were, The Library, Store, Dance Class, Subway Sandwich, and a Friend’s house. Oh and I can’t forget the Courthouse or her Castle!

I loved how she explained, we go this way, stop, cross the street, then go this way etc… It was so much fun!


Selena is loving her maps. She still studies the Map of our house and of course you know it is HER Map! This one I feel will be very cherished by her as well.

Link up and share with us what you are studying in Geography or even History! You know History is in so many ways a part of Geography as well!

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  1. That is great that she is so interested in maps! M hasn't shown much interest but maybe if I make it very personal as you have, she'll find it more interesting.

  2. It's awesome that she continues to be so interested in maps. Anna loves getting mail too, and I am excited to participate in Pay It Forward again. She always asks when we get mail if there is anything in it for her. I am going to link our Geography post on Sunday, since we are still working through all the stuff I planned to do this week.

  3. Sounds like she is having a great time with those maps. Here is a suggestion: we made a map of our town back in the summer and I went around taking pictures of familiar landmarks. I printed out 2 copies, one for the map and one for lamination. I need to stick Velcro on them and we are going to take walks around town (when it gets warmer) and each time we will have 3 landmarks to look out for, sort of like Dora the Explorer, when we get to them they will get to put them on the map.

  4. Forgot to mention, our little town is just a mile around so there really isn't much of a choice when it comes to how to get somewhere.

  5. How fun that you can walk to the library!

    My daughter likes to make pretend maps of all kinds of things!

  6. I am seriously jealous you can walk to the library. Seriously. It might be a good thing I can't.

  7. I didn't feel like I could take on the postcard challenge this time, but if/when it comes around again in the future I would definitely like to participate.

    It looks like lots of fun and a great learning experience too.