Friday, December 4, 2009

Preschool Corner Kk


This week we worked on the letter Kk. We discussed words that begin with the letter K such as kite, kangaroo, koala bear, kick, and king. Selena had so much fun with her workbook pages this week and did very well. She mastered paint by number, and even tried her hand at connect the dot. She understood to count the numbers and did connect the lines from 1 to 5, but got confused as to why she didn’t connect 5 to 6 but had to start her line over from 6 to 10. I guess this is something we will do more work on.


She made quite a few different patterns. My favorite of course is hanging in our window. The full pattern says Merry Christmas.


She is using her stacking rods to make patterns. We are trying to make a little more complex patterns which she does fine with as long as we stay with two colors.

Selena is practicing her counting more and more these days. She loves to think she is teaching Mini how to count. She has mastered counting to 40 now. She has definitely mastered the concept of sequencing with counting such as 10, 20, 30, 40 etc… and that after saying 20, it starts over to make 21, 22, 23, 24, 25 etc…. It seems her math skills are really starting to develop. I love the way she has gone from counting on the calendar to being able to count independently now. She is now also able to be given an abstract number of objects, lets say 8, and when told to take away 3 items, she does, and then counts how many is left to see that there are 5. Addition and Subtraction are just around the corner.

We read a lot of books this week. I hope you will come back for my book review tomorrow. She loves for me to read the stories to her, and now has started to grab the books, and tell me the story all by herself. She is reading as many of the words as she can from the book, and believe me she gets most of them correct. The rest she pulls out of the air from looking at the illustrations. We’ve had some cute story time to say the least.

Selena has decided not to work on her Progressive Phonics anymore. I wasn’t sure why this was, thinking maybe she was just bored with it, only to find out she has figured the concept out and knows how to read all the words so what is the fuss with doing it with Grandma. OH well, we have Boggle Jr coming for Christmas and am hoping that this game will continue the building on her phonics and start introducing the concept of spelling.

That has been our week. Our posts from now on are not going to have a lot of pictures except where we feel is an absolute necessity we are trying to not distract Selena anymore with so many pictures, and just focus on letting her learn. We will have a lot more fun pictures though throughout the week.

To see what other’s are doing in preschool visit Homeschool Creations and while your there let us know what your doing in your preschool corner.

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  1. Sounds like a great week. I am getting Anna Reading Rabbit for Christmas :) Connect-the-dots is one of her favorite things to do (or was until she got into anti-crafting phase)

  2. My little girl also seems to favour activities that are number based and she is not all that interested in identifying letters. Although she does to love to "write" lists! Selena is very clever mastering her numbers up to 40 and getting the idea of subtraction.

    I love Selena's pattern Merry Christmas sign - very festive.

    It's so special that many of your Christmas ornaments have a story behind them. I really enjoy hanging up treasured Christmas ornaments that bring back specific and speical memories.

  3. Goodness, she is such a bright little girl! I can't believe she is just 3 and doing so much in the way of reading and math - amazing!!

  4. Anna is doing so well. You two had a good week and, as usual, got lots done!

    She is counting so well! She is so very smart!!

  5. The Merry Christmas pattern is great! :) And I'm sure it's looking lovely up in your window too.

    How great that the counting has clicked with her ~ especially the early addition/subtraction!! YEAH Selena!

  6. Wow, what a clever little girl. It sounds like she is doing great in both math and reading! Well done!

  7. I'm so happy for you that counting has clicked with her. I'm still waiting for that here.
    My kids like to say that "K kicks," and then they kick.