Friday, December 4, 2009

What My Child is Reading


This week we have done a lot of reading. I was able to escape to the library by myself last weekend so I had a little more time to pick out some great books.


This book, “One” by Kathryn Otoshi,  I wasn’t real sure of. I didn’t know if Selena would enjoy it or not. It ended up being the best find of the week. It starts out with just color dots, but red is a bully always picking on blue. The others do not like the way blue is being treated but does not know how to make red stop. Like any bully the more red bullies the bigger he gets. Pretty soon a number comes in and the colors begin to see how to put an end to the bully, I don’t want to spoil the ending of the book. Let’s just say it has its twists that are just perfect for a young mind, the concepts are easily followed. There isn’t a lot of dramatic illustrations to distract from the story, but the simplicity helps to pull the child right into the story.

41CWHT04WML__SL500_AA240_“I Am I Am a Dancer” by Eleanor Schick. Selena loved this book. It is very simply wrote and illustrated. It basically is about a little girl who dreams of being a dancer, but not only that she dreams about how she be everything that is around her through dance. This book was read to me more then once this week, as Selena could not put it down. She even had to try to dance like the girl in the book, it was so cute.

31s HosfYQL__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA231_SH20_OU01_”Brown Bear White Bear” by Svetlana Petrovic, Illustrations by Vincent Hardy. This was another book Selena enjoyed reading. She wasn’t sure of it at first, but she quickly discovered that the illustrations helped her to tell the story. This little girl receives these bears from her Grandmothers. As the Grandmothers argue over which bear is the perfect bear, the bears begin to act like the Grandmas. It is cute how the girl deals with the arguing and also how the bears learn that they really do like each other. 

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“Christmas Soup” by Alice Faye Duncan and Phyllis Dooley, Illustrations by Jan Spivey Gilchrist. Selena wasn’t real warm to this book when I first brought it home. After we read it though she discovered that it was a delightful story. It is a story about a poor family who always has Christmas Soup for Christmas, the oldest boy can do nothing but complain. I don’t want to ruin the ending as it is a great book for teaching the gift of sharing with others.

51E3JMEM0AL__SL500_AA240_“ Together” by Jane Simmons. Now I thought this was a cute book about two dogs who are best friends. They do everything together. I was really surprised when Selena just did not care for this book at all. It is a simple book not a lot of words, the illustrations are cute. Yet for one reason or another Selena just did not find it interesting. I do recommend it though as I feel it is a book that most kids would probably like, just not Selena!

We read a lot of other Christmas themed books that Selena has here from last year and the year before. I will see if I can’t share them throughout the week with all of you.

Want to see what other’s are reading? Then pop on over to Natalie’s at Mouse Grows Mouse Learns, while you are there let us know what you are reading.

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  1. The book One sounds great. Brown Bear, White Bear sounds great too. Hopefully, we can get to the library today.

  2. Thanks for sharing your books. As always, you have wonderful and unique selections. I have to see if we can find I am a Dancer book. Anna was really excited about Little Ballerina when we read it a while back, and I want to keep her fascination with dancing going.

  3. Christmas Soup sounds like a nice holiday read. :)

  4. I will be looking for ONE! Christmas Soup looks like a good book as well.

    Hope you will come on over to The Palace and enter my giveaway!

  5. All of these books look good to me! We'll definitely look for One - sounds like it might be right for a bullying cousin Matthew has been having to put up with lately. Thanks for all the suggestions.!

  6. I'm always amused at the books kids don't go for. You find one that seems perfect and then they don't like it at all. I can never understand that.