Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Christmas Decorations Thus Far

We began this week decorating our home for Christmas. First thing to go up was Selena’s Christmas Craft.


This actually says Merry Christmas. She worked very hard on the pattern, then matching the right letters so that the green letters would be on the Red circles and the Red letters would be on the Green Circles. This really went better then the Thanksgiving hands. This is hanging in our window.


My Nativity set which is on top of the Piano. Selena’s will probably sit on an old dresser we have in the corner of the dining room.



My Santa Collection. The small ones are on the piano and were handed down to me by my mom. The larger one is sitting on the old dresser we have in the dining room.

100_1807100_1814My Snowmen, the top one is sitting so it is looking out the window, that is the one that Selena refers to as Grandpa, Grandma and Selena. The other one was a gift box of candy and cookies we received one year, the three boxes go together to  make a snowman and sits as well on top of the piano.

Now for our Fireplace mantle!

100_1808   Selena’s first Christmas fluffies, that she got on her first Christmas, each one says Baby’s First Christmas.

100_1810 My Christmas fluffies. A funny story about the little red bear, Selena thought it was hers. I couldn’t figure out why she wouldn’t leave it alone, then it hit me, she has one identical to this one but larger. They could be twin bears. She also loves my Christmas cow which was put out one year by M&Ms.

100_1809 My bell wreath that should be on our front door hangs above the fireplace mantle.

100_1811 Mr. and Mrs Santa with my Christmas pillow sits on top the fireplace insert.

100_1812 Selena’s stocking is the one with Santa on it. Mine is the one with the Christmas Ornaments.

100_1813 Michael’s stocking is the green one. The other one was our dog’s stocking. Selena found it and informed me it needed Tummy Yummies put in it. I explained we don’t have a dog, so she decided it would be Mini’s stocking.

Anyway this is the beginning of our decorations. I still have lights to go up both inside and outside. The Christmas Tree with all it’s ornaments, and whatever other Christmas crafts that Selena and I decide to make.

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  1. wow you have so many cute little things, looking gorgeous.

  2. Thanks for the glimpse into your home - it's always fun to see what other people put out at Christmas, and hear the traditions that go with them :)

  3. I'm jealous of your Christmas decorations. The kids were putting ours up and I realized we need lots more to fully decorate our house.

  4. You have so many Christmas treasures. I am wondering if Anna decides that her kitty also needs a stocking :)

  5. These all look so nice! I love Selena's Merry Christmas craft!

  6. These are wonderful Debbie. I love seeing what others have done like this in their homes.

    You have so many things to make Christmas special for your family.