Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Stepping Back and Analyzing



After getting a lot more pouty faces, and seeing Selena disengage in a lot of her material, except crafts, I am stepping back and analyzing our school room. Yes, her material is getting more intense, but I know it is not too difficult for her. I believe she feels we are loosing the atmosphere here in the home that we started out with. I know that it is more difficult this time of year when we don’t get out as often, which I am going to make a better effort of finding things for us to do.

Anyway we are going to step back regroup our schooling atmosphere and revisit all we have learned to date before moving on. We are going to remove the camera except to capture all her finished work and our fun pictures. We will only be posting our weekly updates on Friday, and I will post the books we read. I still want to participate in open ended art, as we can, and also stART.

We are going back to the basics of just having fun and learning. Enjoying our experiences together first and foremost.

We are not disappearing, and I still want to do the Christmas/Geography carnival if anyone is interested, as I feel that is a fun activity we can incorporate into our simple school.

Selena just needs to get back to being herself, and learning in the atmosphere that she loves so much. Not that we really changed things up a whole lot, but I feel she is loosing interest as Grandma tries to introduce her to the things I see the rest of you doing, and forgetting that this is “OUR” experience, a once in a lifetime experience, and we have to make it the BEST fit for Selena.

What can you expect:

Our weekly recaps with pictures of our finished projects

Open ended Art when appropriate for Selena


Random Photo Opportunities

Book Reviews

And just seeing us learning in the environment that is best suited for Selena. We love seeing all the things you are doing and will continue to follow and comment, but Grandma is going to get back to Selena centered learning, Unschooling!

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  1. Your post has me thinking. I love to take pictures of D while he is working on his projects but I have two problems with it. First, D hates to have his picture taken. He has since he was two. Second, I do not like to disrupt the flow of our projects to grab the camera. The process and enjoyment of the experience is the reason for doing the project. I am rethinking my posts and I agree that (for us) it would be better to take a picture of the final product.

  2. I like to get ideas from everyone in the blog world, but I believe strongly in following my own path, for example, not crafting with food regardless of how fun it looks. I am sure that you are of the same opinion. I'll share some more thoughts with you via email.

  3. Bravo for taking a step back Debbie! Remember we are all just a bunch of folks in a box so don't let us pull you into a teaching style that doesn't fit with you and Selena. :)

  4. I so agree with everything in this post and think you are doing what is absolutely best!

    You will both benefit so much from this!