Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Open Ended Art Corn


This weeks theme at Mommies Wise Little Bookworms for Open Ended Art is corn. Every year I love to buy Indian Corn, we do use one ear for our table center piece, but I mostly buy it so we can grind it up to make our own homemade corn chips for the holidays. I thought Selena would really love to see this process and maybe even help with it.

Today though I thought it would be fun to see if she wouldn’t color an ear of corn that I drew for her and see what she thinks Indian corn looks like. Well as you can see from my pictures, Selena preferred to try to eat the ear of corn, she did color a little bit but not enough to really even show up on the paper. Lastly when she couldn’t bite the corn off the cob she decided it made a great sound by shaking it up and down as the dry husks rattled together.

100_1770 100_1771 100_1774 100_1773

Anyway as you can guess our little open ended art project didn’t turn out quite like I thought it would. Too bad I didn’t just make my homemade corn chips today, I think Selena would have enjoyed that even more. Oh well, we can do that this weekend.

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  1. We skipped corn entirely, because I wasn't sure what to with it. Anna already brought a finger painted Indian corn from her preschool last week, so I didn't feel that I could beat it :)

  2. Well, it sure was a good sensorial lesson :)

  3. I love your new template!

    LOL about how your project went. My daughter always has other ideas when I try to plan something.

    Oh and seeing the corn made me remember that on my way home from the store last night, there was a deer eating someone's decorative corn from their mailbox! LOL!

  4. OK, this post is making me laugh! So is your comment about the homemade corn chips!

    Cute pictures though:-).