Sunday, November 8, 2009

Random Photo Moments/Bean Bag Fight


Last night we were playing bean bag toss. I had a friend make Selena some light weight soft bean bags. I set up a box to use as a basket, but Selena didn’t seem that interested. She decided it would be fun to start a bean bag fight with Grandpa. Oh they were having fun, so I grabbed my camera. Well, needless to say when Selena seen the camera she decided it was time to bomb Grandma with the bean bags. I was taking these pictures between bean bags getting tossed at me!

100_1723 100_1721

100_1722 100_1724

Look out now Grandma has all the bean bags! I just had to put the camera down and let Selena have it at this point! She was laughing so hard she kept exclaiming “I can’t laugh anymore!”

I also have to share Selena’s broken hair! We got up one morning to Selena crying. I went in to see what she was crying about to find her sitting on the floor just sobbing, she had in her hand a clump of hair. I asked her what happened and she informed me “My hair is broken!” We don’t know what she got her hair tangled in, her window, or a toy, we have no idea, but sure enough her hair was broken!


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  1. These pictures are adorable and the story about her hair is so funny!! I'm glad you wrote it down to be remembered.

    I will be back to link up--I want to do a separate post, I have a few I'd love to share:-).

  2. I wonder what happened to her hair.