Monday, November 9, 2009

Tree Hugging Tots/Moon


This last weeks theme at Tree Hugging Tots was the study of the Moon. We did not get to see the full moon, but Selena was able to make some interesting observations on her own.

A couple of nights she looked out the window and there was the moon. We went through a night that she could not see the moon. She came up with the conclusion that when she can see the moon it is going to be a cold night, and when she can’t see the moon it is going to be warmer or stormy.

We talked about how when we can see the moon the warmer air goes up and away from the earth making it colder, but when we don’t see the moon it means we have clouds which holds the warmer air next to the earth making it seem warmer. She tried to tell me what type of pajamas she wanted to wear according to rather she could see the moon or not. I thought that was a pretty good observation that she had made on her own.

Then one night we were sitting here and it was stormy out. All of a sudden our power went out, Selena ran to the window after I got my oil lamps lit, and discovered she couldn’t see the moon, so she exclaimed, “No moon means no lights!” We then discussed that no moon means that there are clouds, and clouds bring storms, so we lost our lights due to the storm and how the storm probably knocked out some power lines. She was puzzled over what power lines were for sure, so the next day we took a look at the power lines and how they lead to all the houses on our block. I explained to her that those lines carry the electricity needed to turn on our lights. I am not sure she fully understood this concept, but I tried.

One funny thing that she did though that just cracked me up. When the lights came back on that night, even though she could see the lights on in the house, she ran through the house flipping the light switches, and informing me that the lights were not broken anymore.

To see what others are learning about the moon visit Tree Hugging Tots at Mommies Wise Little Bookworms, while your their join in on our fun weekly studies.

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  1. Those are some great observations she made. My kids have made similar ones when they couldn't see the moon.