Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Photo Moments for November


Thank you to all of you who have shown some interest in this new Carnival! Now remember I will change out the linky on the first of each Month, so this will give an entire month to post your Random Photo Moments. I don’t know how often I will post pictures on this end, but as I do I will just move the linky along with us. Feel free to jump in at any time.

This week with Selena has been really interesting, her imagination is really taking flight, from playing Dr with her imaginary stethoscope and yes I am her patient, making up stories to tell to us and her dolls. It seems like there is never a dull moment in our home, and truly that is what a home should be like, our children should be able to express themselves, of course we have house rules and guidelines of what behaviors are acceptable , but it is a joy to watch their imagination and life skills develop.

The other night as I was doing up the dishes I asked Selena to get her books ready that she wanted to read when I finished the dishes. She ran with delight, and busily went to work. Upon finishing the dishes I joined her in the living room to discover this:




When I asked her if she wanted me to read all these books, she explained “No, This is my Book Walk!” Now I think she meant a sidewalk made out of books, but yes this extended from her book table clear across in front of our couch, to our other end table.

Selena like a lot of kids loves stickers. She will bring papers home from Sunday School just filled with stickers, and she always goes right to work to remove the stickers to share with us. She just doesn’t understand she can leave them on the paper to show us her “work”. Here she was having a little too much sticker fun!

100_1698100_1697100_1699I would love to see the cute and funny things that your kids do. So please feel free to link up at anytime!

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  1. This is such a fun idea! I have pictures that I would love to share but they do not really "fit" into any of my post. I will get one ready soon.

  2. Very funny. She looks so pleased with her stickers. I might join somewhere in the month if I have a funny story in pictures to share.

  3. It cracks me up how much little kids love stickers. Superman just spent 15 minutes putting stickers all over and then narrating the story that went with his stickers.

  4. These are so cute and fun! I love kids with stickers all over them. I remember when M first discovered stickers - we were always covered with them, and so was anyone who happened to visit us! :) I love the bookwalk too - what an imagination!!