Thursday, October 1, 2009

Letter f Fish and More


This has been an interesting week in Preschool. Selena has enjoyed taking care and watching her fish. I know there isn’t quite the understanding of why they stay in the water, but she knows that is there home and she definitely does not want them disturbed. I am proud of her for thinking of them first thing every morning to feed them. Yesterday though she discovered they looked rather different, of course she came running to me all alarmed about her fish. When I explained they were going potty, she quickly ran yelling “Grandma get the fish to the toilet, they have to potty in the toilet.” That really opened the door for another little discussion not only about fish but all animals and how they differ from us.  We have decided that this is truly an on going study.

Clifford Clifford

Emily                                                                                                          Emily

We did not participate in stART this week, and will only participate when time allows. I looked over all that we have been doing and though we love all the crafts I feel we need to start focusing on more math, and phonics. Since we only do formal schooling 4 days a week, to fit everything in I had to drop something to lighten the load, especially with Awana. I will be popping in and checking out what all of you are doing in stART though!


Selena has decided she wants to start using our Progressive Phonics again. This made me very happy and she is moving right along in it. I wanted to do a review to see if she had retained the words we had learned in the beginning of our adventure in this phonic program. This week I took the flash cards that come with the program and randomly picked words we had learned so far, when Selena got them correct she was allowed to glue them to construction paper, creating our phonic section in our little classroom.




Selena remembered all the words we worked on up to the time she lost interest! She is moving right along in her phonics book, so expect to see our phonic area grow with all the new words she learns!


We made a Calendar using the stickers we got from Natalie at Mouse Grows Mouse Learns. Selena had fun with this project, and was able to count clear up to 20 with only one little help from me when she got to 16. My goal is not only to learn the days of the week, the months, but to eventually move into a number board that has the numbers 1-100. I don’t have to mention that we are always counting and Selena is really building in her confidence where numbers are concerned!



Come on over to Homeschool Creations and see what others are doing throughout their week, and jump in and share with us what your preschooler is doing!

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  1. Busy week! I am of two minds as to where I want to focus. It looks like when I push "school" less, Anna is interested to do more. I still think that the best learning is hands-on, so I plan to do some seed planting with Anna next week. She is interested in it since we watched Sid the Science Kid episode about seeds and read so many books about apples and pumpkins.

  2. She is doing great with her phonics, and I have to say I admire the fact that you took a break from it when she lost interest. Sounds like she is doing great! I love the story about the fish. :) And I've been thinking of starting some calendar activities with Matthew... you've given me some good ideas!

  3. Caleb always has trouble with 15. He gets every other number correct though.

    I hope phonics and math go well!

  4. love your fish names! :)

    alot of people are doing the progressive phonics i'll have to check them out

  5. That phonics program looks interesting. I may need to get it for my little guy, I'm overwhelmed at figuring out how to teach him to read (I'm a secondary teacher and my older one went to a private school for K&1 so we started homeschooling with her being able to read).

  6. I love the fish you have. Super cute. We're about to start studying fish this week. It seems to dovetail nicely with just having seen so many in Galveston.

  7. I like your flashcards idea. She is so good to do the progressive phonics!

    Those fish are adorable. Hope you post more on this unit study about animals.

  8. That was so cute about the fish going potty!!! We are planning on getting a goldfish when we start the letter F. I figure it should be an "easy-enough" pet...if we can keep it alive!!! {smile}