Saturday, October 3, 2009

Selena’s Visitor

Today Selena got a huge surprise. A friend brought over her new puppy, Romie. Selena has played with the little dogs next door, and has helped to take them for walks, but I don’t really think Selena knew how much fun a puppy could be until it came into her home.

We didn’t know at first how the introduction would go, Romie had never seen a child before, so at first she was a little aprehensive and even barked a bit at Selena. As soon as Selena reached out to pet Romie though everything changed and Romie was all over Selena.

Now please excuse my pictures, we were in the middle of potty training when Romie showed up, so Selena didn’t have her pants on, it wasn’t long though that we gave up on the potty training and put a pull up back on and her pants as Romie was jumping and scratching Selena’s legs, though Selena didn’t complain, I didn’t want her legs getting too scratched up.


Selena sat down to pet Romie, and as you can see it didn’t take Romie long to jump right in Selena’s lap to greet her. That puppy sure had lots of kisses for Selena, and though we tried to get Romie not to lick, well what can you say, Selena was in her territory down there on the floor after all! Selena loved every minute of it!


Then the playing began. They jotted back and forth and around in circles. Ran from one room to the next non stop. I don’t know who was having more fun Selena or Romie. Romie didn’t leave Selena’s side except when she finally got tired and needed a little puppy nap, and even then Selena had to be right there watching her sleep.


At one point Selena decided to be mommy and even went and retrieved Romie’s dog food, Selena sat there and fed Romie one piece of dog food after another as if Romie couldn’t eat it by herself. Then it came time to take Romie outside for a potty break. Now Selena was confused, why did Romie have to go outside? We went on out and then the questions began…Why does Romie have to go potty on the grass? She would make comments like this just isn’t right. We tried to explain that puppies and dogs go potty outside, but we go in the bathroom. Selena just did not want Romie to go potty on the grass, and even tried to get us to allow her to take Romie for a walk.

Once we were back in the house the play continued. They chased each other, rolled on the floor, Selena shared her stuffed animals, and even her pillow. They just had a blast! When it was time for Romie to go home, Selena just was beside herself, though she understood Romie had to go home, her lower lip puckered up and she pouted informing us she was so sad, because “My Romie” went home.

Selena sure loves animals, and she sure is a mother hen, but boy she is sure confused over the difference in a pet’s behavior and a human’s behavior! Now honestly this is not totally new to Selena as we did have a mini Aussie for the first year of Selena’s life. As Selena got to moving around more and more our poor Brandi just couldn’t handle it, so we found Brandi a new home. We didn’t want to cross the line and be sorry for it.


Here is a picture of Selena and Brandi. As you can see even though Brandi just didn’t adjust real well to Selena up walking and moving around so much, they really were buds. They played and truly Brandi was the mother hen! We miss Brandi and wish we still had her, but as I stated before we didn’t want to take any chances when Brandi got so nippy and growly over Selena moving around so much.

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  1. You definitely have a dog lover on your hands. I think it is wonderful how she wanted to take care of Romie. What a sweet and nurturing attitude Selena has.

  2. She is so sweet - I love the pictures and hearing about how much fun they had together!

  3. HOW ADORABLE!!! Love it love it love it!! Puppies and kids ~ too cute!! And on the Brandi thing ~ that must have been very hard for you to let her go but you did the right thing. She may have only been trying to "herd" Selena to keep her safe, but kids get bit that way. I had a friend who didnt' heed the warning signs with her Aussie, as you did, and one of her grandkids was seriously bit in the face. I've worried that Rose might "herd" Bubs- but we're fortunate that she's not really into the whole herding thing, though that is her breed. Take care, you are awesome!

  4. I love the pictures - it's great that Selena and Romie bonded so well. Anna loves cats way more than dogs. She was forever chasing an unfortunate cat of my parents when we visited. He is old and just tried to find the place to get away from her advances, but she kept finding him and kissing him. I hope that we will have a cat for her one day when she is old enough to understand responsibility involved in caring for an animal.