Thursday, October 1, 2009

Books We Are Reading


This week Selena and I have had quite a variety of books to read. She was very ambitious when we went to the library this week, while I chose my selections for our reading material Selena wondered through the isles and chose just the books she thought was interesting. I love seeing how she is beginning to understand the library system and I especially love how she selects books, not so much grabbing anymore and just handing them to me, but she takes a little bit of time to really look the book cover over both front and back, then hands it to me. Not that she knows what is really inside the book, but she is learning!


Coral Reef Hideaway is a good book for introducing the concept of how parents protect their children. The illustrations are very colorful and Selena really enjoyed and related to how the Mom and Dad fish protected their eggs right down to preparing the nest to the hatching of the eggs. It is geared for a more advanced or mature child.


Rainbow Fish and the Sea Monster’s Cave was one I wasn’t real sure about, I was worried it might be a little to scary, but the way that Marcus Pfister wrote the story is truly wonderful. The book really stresses upon the fact that while things seem scary, take a second look and discover that this isn’t always the situation. This book was great for Selena as at times she gets fearful at night, I discovered however, after reading this book she is more willing to investigate with me to discover things are not as scary.


Another Marcus Pfister book, Milo and the Magical Stone is a cute story about some mice who live on an Island. They discover a special stone, but are warned that to take the stone could cause a problem for their home. The book is split into two separate endings, one describing the good ending and other describing the bad ending, It is a good book for discussing the affects of our actions. Selena enjoyed the good ending, but didn’t care much at all for the bad ending!

Now for Selena’s Selections:


Dinosaur Roar is a great book for teaching opposites. It definitely didn’t seem very appealing to me, but I seldom refuse Selena when she decides on a book she feels is good. I was impressed however that it wasn’t scary like the cover tends to make one believe. I like the illustrations and the way that each page not only introduces new words but opposites.


Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother Too? was a little disappointing for Selena. She enjoyed the illustrations and all the different animals, but the story is truly geared for a younger reader. I would recommend this book to anyone with a small child that is just exploring animals, Mothers, and the fun of books.

Come on over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns to see what others are reading, while you are there please take the time to share with everyone what your child is reading! You might also enjoy checking out Fantastic Find for more book ideas!

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  1. Those are good reads! We took some of Rainbow Fish books home and Anna was kind of lukewarm on them. I am not sure why - she doesn't seem to be particular interested in fish in general. Maybe if we lived closer to the ocean, it would be different. I will add Dinosaur Roar to our list - we read it, I think, when Anna was about one :)

  2. Whoever said, "never judge a book by its cover" apparently did not have children. Cause that is what they always do.

    She picked some good books.

  3. Matthew has gotten to a good point with his library behavior fairly recently too. He goes in, finds a book, sits down (on the floor) looks it over really well, then hands it to me. He also whispers, which I wasn't even sure he could do, lol. It took a long time and a lot of work to get us to a point where it's actually enjoyable to take him to the library.
    I love the rainbow fish books and we have that dinosaur book - it's a favorite of M's. Thanks for sharing all your books - your posts are always so well-written and I enjoy hearing about Selena's opinion!

  4. Those are some good books! I put most of them on my book list. I've been searching for other blogs that write book reviews or list books that they've read. I love the concept of sharing and started a monthly feature on my blog called Bookworm Beginnings and would love for you to come and link to my post! A good read is worth sharing. I found your link on Mouse Grows and I also linked to her great reading post.

  5. Wow, two nice bloggers in a row (The Fifth Street Academy did the same thing!). Thanks for the link, I wasn't expecting it, and thanks for participating on my blog! I just added you to my bloggy friend list!