Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Open Ended Art: Egg Shells


100_1570 Since we did the colored egg shells last week in our Unit Study on Eggs, which we had so much fun with, we went out of the box a little this week! First how we did our egg shell mosaic: I took all the egg shells saved from our hard boiled eggs, and using left over Easter dye, colored the shells, then Selena glued them onto a piece of paper.

Our Open Ended Art: Outside The Box

Selena has refused to pick up the leaves well needles off of our Sequoia Tree, she doesn’t perceive them as leaves, instead she calls them little trees. This morning I went out and gathered up a bag full. The idea was to have Selena glue them to a piece of paper, but the glue kept getting on her fingers, and she kept complaining, but boy she sure wanted to keep adding more glue….but now with glue on her fingers she wouldn’t touch her little trees, so I grabbed a paper plate wiped her fingers and said just place them in the plate however you want!

Openart3 She didn’t quite like the smell of her little trees!



Our Finished Project!

Come on over to Growing and Learning by Leaps and Bounds to see what others have done in Open  Ended Art and please join in and have FUN!

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  1. those egg shells are pretty great job!

    that is so cute Little Trees!

  2. It looks like fun. I think that if we do something, it will be a tissue paper project :)

  3. Super cute pictures of her with her tree collage!

    I LOVE her bright, girly colored egg shell mosaic. She did a great job!!

    She is too cute, by the way!

  4. What a great job on both of them!

  5. Hee hee hee, I totally missed this post when you first did it. We're going to be doing this soon. (Saw this in the "You might like," which at some point I need to add to my blog)