Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tree Hugging Tots: Our Autumn


Instead of Learning Centers we are now doing Tree Hugging Tots hosted by Growing and Learning by Leaps and bounds.


One thing I discovered here where we live now, so close to the Pacific Ocean, is that our seasons are not at all like the seasons that I am use to. This is the real actual Autumn we have had since we moved here 5 years ago. We had a odd long dry Spring and Summer, that we actually did have leaves fall from the trees! Selena and I took advantage of the nice weather and collected a lot of leaves, a few acorns, and horse chestnuts.  But it seems our Autumn days are quickly fading as the rainy season is now getting started. We will spend our days now watching it rain, rain, and rain….Oh we will get out if and when we have sun breaks should the temperature be warm enough to do so.

I miss the dry climate of my home, where I grew up and raised my children. We always had the most beautiful Autumns and I must admit that was always my favorite time of year. I loved going to the Orchards to pick fruit, and of course they always had pumpkins, squash, and other fresh vegetables. We always had our own garden from which I would make pickles, blanch and freeze vegetables then there was always the canning of the fruit. Since I always made my own home made bread, one was never sure what they might find in their bread since I would use some of the vegetables and or fruits for the liquid in my bread (YUMMY).

I wish I could share these things with Selena, but I do get to share with her the storms rolling in off the Pacific, the waves crashing up over the breaker walls and up onto the beaches. We also get to anticipate what type of flooding we might have, and making preparations for high winds, power outages, and we pray continuously that we do not get another tree in our house. Yes, for real the day Selena was born we had a tree top off and come through our garage and right on into my laundry room FUN!

One thing I have to say about over here it is always green, no matter what time of year it is, we always have the beauty of the green grass, green forests, and oh how I love to go to the rain forest which is truly beautiful and only an hour drive from us. Actually I should say we live in the rain forest ourselves, we are right at the bottom of the mountain, and actually we get more rain then the rain forest gets.

Come on over to Growing and Learning by Leaps and bounds and see how others are spending their Autumn days, and join in on the fun, we would love to have you!

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  1. what a great post! :)

    I'll have next weeks tree hugging tots theme up tonight.

    thanks for joining in the fun and if you have a nature activity you'd like us to do please just let me know!

  2. What an amazing weather you get to experience - the best and worst of it. I hope that Selena gets to love rainy weather.