Monday, September 28, 2009

Pass it Forward

We received our package from Natalie at Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns today! Wow what a surprise and Selena loved them. Thank you so much Natalie! This is everything she sent.

100_1579 100_1578

Selena enjoyed decorating her little bag, she was so excited that this was the best picture I could get! Ok, then she received a full year supply of stickers, they list every month of the year and have stickers for every holiday, some good calendar projects here! There is the neatest book “Peekaboo” Halloween Cookie Cutters, a wooden witch, that we will put a magnet on the back for the fridge, erasers, and hair clips! Wow! Natalie, Selena thinks you are a dream now!! Selena would also like to thank Anna as we are sure these are all goodies that Anna probably has enjoyed and recommended!

Ok, This is YOUR last chance! I posted about this a while back and had no takers! But I want to keep in the theme of passing it forward!! So the first three people who leave me a comment will receive a package of goodies from Selena and I! So Come On get in on the Fun!! We would love to send some goodies to three lucky friends!

Thank you again!!

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  1. Oh goody, I am the first comment! I would love to participate in Pass It Forward. How exciting. Then Caleb and I can Pass It Forward as well. Caroline is still a tad young (15 months)

    Are there any specific rules? Apparently I am jumping in a little late.

  2. Selena looks very happy with her little package of treats! :)