Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Selena's Cloud Watching Day

Since I had to take Selena to her Pediatrician today, I thought we would go early and see what clouds we could see. I love taking her down by the water, as we were driving see caught glimpse of Mount Rainier, she squealed "Cloud". I tried to explain it wasn't a cloud and that it was a mountain, but about that time it disappeared out of site. Selena was really confused at this time and was asking "Where did the cloud mountain go?"

We had a perfect view of the mountain once we got down on the water front. Selena was so interested in the mountain with the snow on it along with the clouds that were scattered across the sky. The picture above is an old picture that my husband took, of course go figure I didn't have my camera on me today. But this is what the mountain looked like and the clouds were very similar.

She had to get one more look at the mountain though and took in a lot of clouds before we had to leave. Of course she wanted to go swimming and I had to quickly explain we do not swim in the water here in this spot as it is part of the ocean and it is COLD!

We had a good day, and her Pediatrician was very pleased stating that Selena has the maturity of a 4 year old. When we left the Pediatrician's office we were off to McDonald's for dinner before we came home. It was a very good day.

We even squeezed in a walk to our local library and were able to find two of the Cloud books that were mentioned by all of you. Thank you for your suggestions, Selena enjoyed both books, "Little Cloud" and "Cloud 9".

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  1. You live in a very beautiful place. It's great that Selena's pedi is so pleased with her - I hope that he also found her healthy :)