Monday, September 7, 2009

New Math Game Success

Cotton ball Math Game
I got the idea for this game from a game I use to play with my friends as a kid, also my mom use to incorporate this game for baby showers and bridal showers.
With older kids or adults I would recommend after explaining the game to blind fold them, but with Selena we didn't want to make it too hard for her.
The basic idea is to allow them so many chances to get cotton balls into the pie tin on their head, for Selena we picked 10 times to try.

At first she wasn't too sure about the pie tin on her head, but she is our trooper and will try anything new.

Ten times she spooned up a cotton ball out of the bowl in front of her and tried to get it up over her head and into the pie tin.

Yes, some fell off the spoon before she got it to the tin, but she got 5 cotton balls out of 10 on her first attempt. After the 10 tries she was able to count how many cotton balls were in the tin.

If you like to put some competitiveness into the game for older kids, allow each child a chance to do the activity then see who got the most cotton balls in the tin.

I think it is just as fun to watch as they try as they are having fun trying to do it. There were sure a lot of laughs this morning in Math!

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  1. Love it - this looks like so much fun. I was wondering how Selena is going to hold the pie tin on her head, but now I see the solution to this problem. She looks so engaged in this activity.

  2. Hi! I was looking through some of your posts and have a quick question about the progressive phonics. Do you use the handwriting pages with her or just stick with the books? Also, did you start with the alphabet part or phonics? B knows all of his letters and sounds but I didn't know if it is something that should be done anyway before jumping into the phonics books.
    Have a great day. I really enjoyed your blog!

  3. Ha, I love this idea!! It sounds like so much fun (and funny!)! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Thanks for visiting and leaving such a sweet comment:) This is a great and fun idea! I'll have to keep it on file...but I have so many ideas backlogged for when my son gets older, I think he could do tot school activities until he's legal!