Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Art Corner

I thought I would jump in on the Art Corner Posted by Teaching My little one. Unfortunately when my husband and I moved into this house we never dreamt we would be raising another child so we didn't look for a child friendly home. All of Selena's art supplies are in these two bins so I have to drag them out every day and get out what she wants to work with. We don't have room as you can see from the picture below to set up an actual classroom setting, she does everything at the dining room table.

We hope sometime that we can move to a larger house so I can set Selena up her own little area for schooling and art.

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  1. I Love her name by the way :)

    we had a art corner like that forever too! :) my theory is at least they have the supplies and the chance to create some don't even have that

    great bins i need some!

  2. As you probably remember I grew up in the former Soviet Union. Our apartment was 1 bedroom, about 200 sq feet. It was considered a luxury for 3 people. All my childhood I had a bed and a desk as my own space, and it didn't prevent me to develop into a fairly successful adult. I think the amount of space or number of toys matter a lot less than loving attention and guidance from interested adults.

  3. Hey you've got her art supplies and they are contained in the bins. You provide her with them--you are doing a great job with just this!!

    I completely agree with Natalie's comment! Love and quality are most important over all else!!