Monday, September 28, 2009

Our New Family Members


Selena is very proud of our new Family Members. She did so well in school last week and in Awana, that we decided to buy her a couple of fish and a small aquarium. She has been asking for a puppy for sometime now, but neither Papa or myself are ready to go to that extreme with a pet yet. We started out with the fish sitting on an old dresser I have in the dining room for extra drawer space, but unfortunately Selena wouldn’t stay out of it so it got moved to the top of Selena’s piano.


Ok now for the introductions. This darker and larger fish is named….drum roll….What else but “Clifford!”

Selena did name the fish her self!

The lighter and smaller fish is named…If you haven’t guessed by now…”Emily!”


Selena loves to get up every morning and feed her fish. Since we are working on the letter “f” this week be prepared you will get to see more of Clifford and Emily and all that Selena is learning about them.

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  1. How sweet! I thought about getting a fish for Hudson...but we are not really even ready for that sort of commitment :)

  2. Sweet. We don't plan any pets yet, and Anna seems to be OK with it. I told her that we might consider a cat when she is old enough to help take care of it.

  3. How cute! Matthew is a big fan of Clifford and Emily, I think I'll show him these pictures tomorrow! Selena looks very excited and proud! :)

  4. I'm thinking of getting a fish for Christmas. Of course, I know that I will be the one taking care of it lol.

  5. Fish really is a great idea. We've been pet free for a couple of years and I've been thinking it might be time. Fish could be a great introduction to the world of pet care.