Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Ee" and Egg

This week we were studying the letter "e" and our Unit study was on eggs. We started out with a raw egg. Selena surprised me when she made hand prints out of the egg yolk and egg white. We discussed the different parts of the egg.

I then let her watch me boil some eggs, knowing very well at the time she wouldn't quite understand what was happening.

The second day we took our eggs out side for an egg drop. First she tossed the hard boiled egg. She is examining how the shell cracked.

Now she got the surprise of her life when she dropped the raw egg. She didn't know what to think. After examining the mess in the bag, she grabbed the hard boiled egg and threw it down another 3 or 4 times until she realized it was not going to go splat like the raw egg did.

Then we went in and examined the hard boiled egg. She decided she liked the egg white, but not the egg yolk so well.

We did have scrambled eggs and also poched eggs for breakfast a couple of mornings so she could see some of the different ways to cook eggs. Though she has had her fair share of eggs to eat, so that wasn't nothing too new to her, other then how they cook.

I colored the egg shells from all our eggs, and she had fun making a mosaic out of them. Selena really had a lot of fun with this project.

We introduced her to a rice tray (Thank you Susana for the idea) Selena loved drawing in the rice, practiced a few numbers especially the number 8 and a few letters.

Selena had a very busy week, and now with AWANA, we are going to be taking a look at our schedule here, there are going to have to be some changes just don't know what at this point. We will continue a 4 day school week, but might take Thursday off instead of Friday. She was pretty tired today and I didn't get much out of her but her art work, so I think we will have to address this.

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  1. Awesome theme. What a great idea to let her smash the eggs.

  2. How cool was that egg dropping experiment! My son would LOVE that. Now I am thinking about where I could incorporate that with our lesson plans.

    I have seen many moms post about AWANA. How does she do with that at such a young age? My son is 4 and my husband and I were trying to decide if he is ready or not.

  3. I'm so impressed that she made handprints from the raw egg - is this the same little girl who only dipped one dainty little finger into the paint? :) What a really great idea to let her drop the eggs - and very smart to have the raw one in a plastic bag!

  4. I love egg smashing experiment - you always find the ways to be very hands-on with your learning. Unfortunately, Anna doesn't eat eggs in any shape or form (unless they are in the cake, of course :))

  5. Love the egg drop - we'll have to use that when we study the letter E too in a few weeks! :)

  6. I loved your ideas on the eggs. I'd love to see my children't reaction to the egg drop too. That would be heaps fun.

  7. That looks like it was an awesome theme! You are so smart to put the eggs in ziploc bags. I would have never thought of that! LOL!

  8. How cool is that? Keeping the eggs in plastic bags!! WOW!! Super neat idea all the way around my friend! Loved the whole concept of the egg lesson.
    And thanks for the words of encouragement regarding our possible move. I really appreciate it!