Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Open Ended Art Playdoh

This week's Open Ended Art theme was Playdoh Mosaics hosted by Growing and Learning by Leaps and Bounds. We have been doing different activities to desensitize Selena from this idea that she can't get her hands dirty. I knew she would not do playdoh, we've tried that before and she doesn't like the feel of it. Even when Selena was first being introduced to solid foods she refused to put her fingers in it, even when I put small amounts on her tray to let her finger paint and explore, she refused. I guess you know she learned to use utensils early as she refused to eat using her hands. Anyway I had some pie crust left over so decided to try that instead of playdoh.
I made squares, and asked Selena if she wanted to paint them. At first she was not sure about this paint thing. Again not wanting to get her hands dirty. I brought out this small set of paints she got as a gift and she liked the idea of the paint brush.

Just admiring her yellow paint, either that or getting bored, I couldn't quite figure this one out.

Then I decided it wasn't boredom but wondering how the paint got from the brush to the pie crust.

Finally there she went with the finger. As you notice she is so dainty about it. Now mind you this is the only time she attempted the finger.

She at least got the paint from her finger onto the pie crust. This was quite a thrill for me, that she even tried.

I couldn't figure out if Selena enjoyed this project, or if she was upset about something. She definitely did not want to touch the pie crust to even attempt to arrange them into anything. (Note Wipe In Hand!)

The wipe became more interesting to her at this point then the pie Art Project was done! I was very proud of her though and believe me I don't know how she managed this with getting hardly any paint on her hands at all. Even with the finger exploration, she only ended up with a very small amount of paint on her one hand and I emphasize "ONE".
Head on over to Growing and Learning by Leaps and Bounds to see what other's are doing and join in on the fun!

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  1. It's funny how different children are. Anna doesn't mind getting her hands dirty at all and enjoys play-doh. It's great that Selena was sticking with her project as long as she did. We will probably skip this week again, because we have guests over, and I am not sure whether we will have any time in the afternoons or on the weekend. Besides - I don't have any good ideas for this mosaic project.

  2. I love the looks on her face in the pictures - concentrating so hard and wondering about the paint! I love the dainty little finger finally making its way to the paint tray too, lol. She is so sweet. I know several children have a problem with getting messy. Matthew is not one of those children, but sometimes I sure wish he leaned that way a little more than he does. ;) Have you tried cooking with Selena?

  3. yippee for getting her finger dirty! my LO hated getting dirty and still cries if she gets mud on her shoes! :)

  4. deen only likes to get his hands dirty if he knows i will be cleaning them immediately after the project.
    if the project is particularly messy then he asks me in the middle of it to wash his hands...

    keep urging her to try to get her hands into the project... she will get there dont worry

  5. Isn't it funny the take they have on things vs. ours?

    I love her ideas with this, and think her finished products are adorable.

    What a creative idea from you with the pie crusts too.

  6. She is so cute with her dainty little finger :)