Thursday, September 24, 2009

First Night at AWANA

Selena had her first night at AWANA, last night. She was so excited as we put her Bible and Bible verses in her little Cubbie bag. She did not want to take the CD though, (we have a problem here).
Her Cubbie Leader and the Commander were amazed that Selena recited from memory all 4 of her verses, she is really only expected to do two a night and these do not need to be memorized at this age, but Selena isn't going to go for that!
Back to the CD....I assumed that Selena would be working in the first Handbook, so I had ordered the CD to go with that one. Selena loves it and has over half of the verses memorized. Her leader informed me a week ago that they will be working out of the second handbook, I thought OK no big deal, and ordered the CD for that handbook. Upon hearing the CD, Selena screamed and had a complete melt down in the van. The music is more hip hop which really drowns out the bible verses, which in my opinion are not geared for a child Selena's age. At one point here at home Selena took the CD out of the CD player and told me "Throw this in the garbage, I want my verses!" It seems this behavior continued through group, when the leader put the CD in, Selena would go turn it off an pull it out of the CD player. At least she didn't tell the leader to throw it away!
At about 7:00 Selena grabbed a blanket and wanted the leader to rock her in the rocking this is not Selena. She is usually so wound up at this time of the evening and won't sit hardly long enough for a book to be read to her. Maybe it was just the excitement. I know that they keep them pretty busy with music, handbook time, and games so I am hoping that it isn't too much stimulation for her. I will try to pop down and look through the one way mirror next week about this time to see how she is doing.
Over all Selena was happy with the club, proud of what she had accomplished, and seemed very happy when I got there to get her, until her best friend had a complete break down as she doesn't like being in the Sparkies and wants to go back to Cubbies. Selena did not like seeing her sad and crying. It was cute how Selena was down on the floor trying to console her with hugs and sweet words.
It will be interesting to see how next week goes! I would love to get pictures of her, but I am busy doing my director job with TandT group. I will have to try to figure something out! When she gets her uniform there will be lots of pictures of her in it though, so more to come!
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  1. It's great that Selena did so well. I can see that the new experience can be tiring and overwhelming for the first time, that would explain the need for a blankie and some rocking. I hope that she will get used to the music and continue to love her group.

  2. How sweet. I know that Hudson would have the verses memorized but getting him to recite them to the leader. oy! One day he will come out of his shell.

    How wonderful that Selena is such a compassionate child.

    Can't wait to see the uniform pictures :)

  3. I have so been wanting to put my son in Awana's but our local chapter doesn't e-mail me back. Looks like your daugther is getting alot out of it! :)