Friday, September 11, 2009

Letter C Preschool Week

This week we were working on the Letter "C". I chose the theme of Clouds since Selena had been asking a lot of questions about clouds. She is so fascinated with rain that every time it is raining she opens her bedroom window and just gets soaked playing in the rain as it comes down.
We had fun making a cotton ball rain, and discovered it took 5 teaspoons of water to get it wet enough to start raining (dripping). Selena made observations of how much heavier the cotton ball seemed, and how the wet area was pulling away from the dry area that she was holding onto.

We were able to see all types of clouds this week since we had heavy rain, a thunder storm, then yesterday we had an off shore wind current so the clouds were moving from East to West instead of the usual, West to East (Selena was a little confused over that, but enjoyed it!)

In Math Selena had fun with the Cotton Ball game. We discussed less and more which at first seemed to stump Selena but it wasn't long before she realized that I had more fish crackers then she did. We played "Go Fish" with Grandpa assisting Selena and she was so proud to have won the game! Selena also had fun when I laid the cards out on the table, pulled two cards and had her tell me what the numbers were on each card (like the 2 and 5) she would count the hearts on both cards (7) then have to pick the correct card from the line....(beginning addition).

We continued working in Progressive Phonics short vowel "a". She learned her "ad" words and "ab" words. She enjoys the stories and also making the words on her felt board. She was excited about Library Day, and I was very proud of her for not having problems understanding that we leave the books we've read at the library so we could get new books.

At the end of the week we made the cloud below. Selena has worked with glue sticks but I never gave it a thought that I had never really poured white glue on anything in a huge glob and just let her go for it. She had more fun just smearing the glue around after sticking only a few cotton balls on, so I had to help her finish the project, but she still had a great time.

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  1. Love the picture - Selena looks as if she is wearing this cloud on her cute head. You have great ideas for math!

  2. I remember seeing your Cotton Ball game earlier in the week and meant to say then, I liked it.

    I like your science and art (cotton ball cloud) too!

    You stayed busy and looks like Selena had lots of fun, which means you did too:-)!

  3. Thanks for visiting our blog.
    I like you begging addition game. I'll have to browse through your blog and check everything out.

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