Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday Hike

Today we took Selena to Kopachuck State Park on Gig Harbor today. We wanted to go to the Ocean but the weather nor the tides cooperated for that. Gig Harbor is located in the South Sound. It is really the best of two worlds. The water of the Sound is Salt Water creating the perfect experience for finding sea shells, clams, oysters, crabs, starfish etc... We have even seen whales come clear into the Sound. While unlike the Ocean beach the Puget Sound area is wooded with great nature trails for some interesting finds.

Selena loved going over the huge bridge, The Narrows Bridge, where she could overlook the Water to Gig Harbor and see boats of all types, Sail boats, Cabin Cruisers, Speed boats, and Yachts. It really would have made for a great picture but there is no place to stop on the bridge and hard to get a good picture when one is going 60 mph. She got pretty excited at this point and really thought we were going to the Ocean. After we had a picnic lunch Selena was on her way, she is becoming very independent these days.

Along the way Selena had to take time to rest, but only long enough to get this picture taken then she was ready to hit the trail again. I just love all the fern plants that we have over here!

Before we got to the beach Selena had to stop and check out the sign that gave her an idea of all the sea creatures she might get to see.

We found what we were looking for as soon as we got to the beach. I was there looking for drift wood. Selena planted herself on this piece but it was a little too big for us to bring home. We did get a couple of small pieces though, which Selena will use in our unit study this week.

We started out by looking for interesting rocks and any shells we could find, It didn't take long though before Selena decided throwing the rocks into the water was more fun then looking at them. She is wearing her little backpack in order to fill it with all her treasures. Too bad the tide was high or we would have had a huge beach to comb including Oyster beds. Oh, well maybe another weekend.

She did however find a crab, so Grandpa helped her hold it in her hand so I could get a picture before we released it back into the water. Selena brought home quite a collection of pretty rocks, and a few shells, along with my drift wood. We all had a good time and we couldn't have asked for better weather.

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  1. Ooh, this is so awesome that you can hike in such a beautiful place. Anna would love to go on a beach treasure hunt, but our nearest beach is very rocky and windy, and it's about 90 min away.