Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Books We Are Reading

We had a great reading week at our home. I was able to get to the library by myself last week and took advantage of being able to take my time to pick the books I felt Selena and I both would enjoy. Something about having a 33 mo. old with you that tends to make library time a little more hurried then one would like.

We both enjoyed some of the stories in "A Child's Book of Values" though it is still geared for an older child then Selena, we were able to break a few of the Values down for her to get a basic concept. I would reccommend this book for a child in Second grade and up.
Selena loved "The Perfect Nest" it was just one of those books that once she heard the story a couple of times she was able to read it herself. She enjoyed th colorful pictures and story line. I enjoyed the flow of the theme through the book and the pleasant lesson in the end as well. I would highly reccomend this book for any child.

While "The Chick and the Duckling" was a cute book with great illustrations, Selena was not as interested in the book. I feel this would be a great book for a younger child. The story is kept short with just short sentences.

Now Selena's all time favorite was "Are You My Mother?" She has had this book for quite sometime now and can read it by herself. I truly was not very interested in the book myself, but over time the story grew on me, like a lot of Selena's books this book is easily memorized, believe me I don't think I will ever forget this book.

To see what other's are reading visit Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns and please join in on the fun!
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  1. Thanks for linking to me. I haven't heard of the first three books before. The Perfect Nest sounds like something Anna might like, and I am adding it to our list of books that I will look up next time I am in the library. We read Are You My Mother? long time ago (we don't own it), but I quite liked the story and going to see if I can pick it up for Anna as well. Happy reading!

  2. I will have to look into The Perfect Nest too - sounds interesting. We have Are You My Mother? and M loves it too. To tell you the truth, I loved it when I was little and I still do!
    btw, I have started (occasionally)following the words with my finger as I read to M - you gave me this suggestion, and I think it's working! :) We are working on left and right shoes too, so that might help. I'm hoping all these things together will make it a little easier to teach him the difference between how some letters are formed (b,d,p,q especially). Thanks!

  3. I agree with the others - The Perfect Nest sounds like a really cute book. I think we'll have to try it. I also want to get Are You My Mother? I'm putting together a blog post for tomorrow about all the Dr. Seuss and Cat in the Hat books we have. The kids just love all of them!

  4. I just love the cover of the perfect nest! Beautiful!

  5. The Perfect Nest is one of our favorites. Delighted to hear how you & Selena have enjoyed it also! Thanks for all the supportive words about Bubby's reading. I appreciate it. I hope he starts talking soon. Take care ~ hugs to you & Selena!