Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tid Bits

Friday I went and got my hair cut, that was pretty exciting for me since my hair had finally grown out enough to actually get it cut into a real style. I have always tended to like my hair more on the longer side, but I really like this short hair style.

Have you ever grabbed your camera to discover that it has given up the ghost? I had a friend who wanted pictures of my new hair style, so I took out my camera, now understand I have never really liked taking pictures of myself, and truly usually avoid pictures being taken of me, just a hang up of mine I suppose. Well, to my surprise my camera told me it was low on batteries so I changed the batteries only to discover it would not turn on. After several attempts of switching the batteries around, thinking I had them in wrong I finally had to come to the conclusion that my camera of 8 years had just died. I called my husband who was in Aberdeen at the time and asked, I suppose I told him to get me a new camera. I figured he would just pick me up a cheep digital camera until we get something better, but to my amazement he bought me a Kodak Easy Share, a $200.00 camera. He told me that I deserved a better camera. I am still learning all that it does, but boy I love it. I have never had a camera that takes such sharp pictures and that will actually take pictures at night. I even captured a picture of the moon the other evening.

Last night to my amazement Selena suddenly looked up at me and said, "Let's play Red Light Green Light." Now I didn't even know she knew anything about this game. I know she has seen it played on Clifford, the Big Red Dog. Anyway I said OK, and told her to go stand by the far wall and gave her instructions on how the game was played. She ran at me as I said green light and froze perfectly in one place when I said red light. I guess she wanted to keep it going because when I said green light she turned and ran back towards the wall, but again stopping and freezing when I said red light. It was so cute, now why can't we have our cameras attached to us permanently to catch these moments?

This morning Selena wanted to play with her wooden letters, so I pulled them out. I was goofing around and put C A T together. Selena looked over and with no hesitation informed me that C A T spelled cat. I am really seeing where the free phonic curriculum is doing just what I had hoped it would do, by teaching her to sound out small words and also that things are read from left to right. I was so proud of her and yes quite surprised since we hadn't really moved on to C words yet.

I have so much I should be doing around here today and instead I am sitting here blogging. With that said, I suppose I should end this for now and get going on the dreaded job of laundry.

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