Saturday, July 18, 2009

High School Friends

Friday I went to Auburn to meet up with Laura, a friend of mine from High School. Get this we had not seen each other in 29 years! The day started out with my arriving at her house at 10:00 A.M. I am surprised I found her house so easily, thank you Map Quest! It was so nice to see her again and believe me, she is still the same Laura from High School, really hasn't changed much. She really has been such a good friend and was the only friend who kept in touch with me during my illness, she will always be dear to me.

After I arrived we headed off to Kent to go shopping, we went to Big Lots, where I got Selena some school supplies. Then she took me to Stupid Prices. I had never been in that store before so I was pretty taken with all the good buys they had on clothing. Got some cute things too! Then we went to Duke's Chowder House for lunch.

Laura and I after Lunch, Boy was it a hot day!

When we got done with lunch we went back to Laura's to wait for her husband, Andy to get off work. She cleaned out her closets, so I came home with a huge bag of clothes that normally she would have sold on Ebay. After Andy got home he had to show off his new car! I was just in awe to see a brand new Dodge Charger, then to be able to sit in it. Wish there would have been more time for a ride, oh well maybe next time.

Oh yes what a nice ride!

We then headed off to the Iron Horse for dinner. We had so much food and let me tell you their Onion rings are fantastic! While Laura and Andy had a few more beers then I did, I atleast had to have one, been a long time since I have had a beer.

A Toast To Friendship!

Myself, Andy,and Laura.

We finished the evening off back at their place where we laughed and talked all evening. We had so much fun. Boy we even stayed up until 11:00 P.M. now that is late for us oldies!

Drink up Laura!

Love ya Laura, and next time Michael is going to join me as well. We must get together and do more shopping. Thanks for all the fun and for just being "YOU"!

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