Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My Little Helper

My soaked little helper!

It is getting terribly dry here which is rare for this time of year, but we really haven't had rain at all this Spring and early Summer. I decided we better go water the flowers and grass this afternoon after the sun got behind the house enough that the front yard was shady. Since we live in an area that we do not have to water very often, we lack in sprinklers. So Selena grabbed her little ponies and went out side with me. At first she watched me undo the hose and pull it out to the front yard, at this point she was still very amused with her little ponies and did not pay much attention to what I was doing.
It didn't take long however before the ponies lost her attention and she proceeded to grab the hose and imitate my movements as I watered. If that wasn't fun having the hose go up and down side by side, in other words the watering of the flowers ended and we focused more on the grass. It was just easier having her help me water the grass then the flowers.
Pretty soon her free hand slipped up near the water coming out of the sprayer, I only chuckled as she attempted to touch the water but retreated her hand as if she was afraid of what would happen. It didn't take too many attempts and boom her fingers hit the water spray, she broke out in laughter, the fun was on. Now her whole hand was stopping the spray and the water was splashing back at us, mostly all over Selena's face. Then she discovered if she held the hose strait up in the air the water would shower down from the air over her head. Now the fun really began. She was laughing so hard that she barely realized at this point that she was in total control of the hose, all I was doing was holding the handle squeezed so the water would continue to pour out.
Boy then it was "Let's see what happens if I stick my head in the water." Now that was a hoot!
I guess you know we came in with one soaked but happy little camper!
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  1. Your "little helper" is adorable! I love the pic where she all is wet and smiling from ear to ear!