Friday, July 3, 2009

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Selena's Fish
Yesterday Selena and I took a trip to Walmart. I was actually looking for a fun kid sprinkler for her to play in, but of course they were sold out. I found this Fisher Price Doodle Art and thought "Wow that would save on a lot of paper that we go through with her doodles." Yes, we had to buy it. Selena had dabbled on one at Jastella's so she definitely knew what it was and couldn't wait to tear into the box when we got home.
As she doodled away I was busy putting a few other things away, not really paying much attention since she was so involved in this new found toy. When I turned around she had this drawing all finished and was sitting on the floor just awaiting my approval. I asked her what it was, and she informed me that it was a fish. I just had to get a picture of it, as it is a pretty good looking fish or whale to me.
Selena spent hours throughout the day and evening drawing and writing what few letters she knows how to write. I am sure we will have more pictures from her to come.
On another note last night we ordered her preschool material. I am looking forward to getting it since I found some free phonics on line and did one lesson plan with her, she actually learned the word 'dog' from that one lesson plan, so I feel she is ready to move forward with a new found love for words. If you are interested in checking out the free online resource you can find it here.
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