Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Playing Dress Up

Selena attempting to make a pose.

She has to get it just right.

Now here is a pose!
Selena has always been a girly girl. You can't take her to a shoe store without her thinking she has to try on every shoe in the store, let alone wanting to buy them all. She just cracks me up with the way she will shop for hours for just the prettiest, fanciest pair of shoes she can find and of course you know at her age size doesn't matter. We finally got her a pair of play dress up shoes which of course she absolutely loves. One day she put her little shoes on and to our amazement snuck out the front door and up the sidewalk she went, she was going to Jastella's to show off her new high heels. I guess you know the front door now has a chain lock installed on it to keep her in!
Besides shoes she has always loved her dresses, she loves to wear dresses, and on Sunday after church we can't get her to take her dress off, she would rather wear it all day and forget the play time out side. She calls all her dresses "Princesses". She finds anything from our Tshirts, or anything else she can get her hands on, anything she can put on and play dress up in. Today she came out with this on. After a little adjustment to the straps I couldn't resist taking some pictures, as she pranced around the house posing, and laughing, and saying, "Oh such a pretty Princess."
She is so much fun to watch and we get so much joy and enjoyment out of everything she does. God sure blessed our lives when he placed this little angel in our care! We love you Selena!

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