Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes

Lately Selena has been becoming very verbal. I have gotten a kick out of some of the things that she has come up with. Now realize that for 2.5 yrs old, Selena has a very good vocabulary and it isn't very often that she does not know how to pronounce a word, so as you are reading this realize these are her exact words.

The other day Selena came and sat down beside me on the couch here was our discussion:
Selena: Mama, I want to go on a picinic.
Me: You want to go on a picnic?
Selena: Yes, I want to go on a picinic.
Me: What do you do on a picnic?
Selena: You make a sandwich, put it in a bag, and put it up.
Me: I guess we need to go on a picnic someday here soon.
Selena: Ok, good we go on a picinic tomorrow.
At that point she climbed down from the couch and began to play with her blocks.

Yesterday was my son's birthday, so I told Selena "Today is Uncle TJ's birthday." Selena ran around most of the day singing Happy Birthday TJ.
At one point she came to me and asked, "Is today Uncle TJ's Birthday?"
I told her yes and added, "Did you know that TJ is Mama's baby?"
She informed me, "NO, he isn't, I am your baby!"
She got me there!

This morning as I came out of the bathroom there stood Selena, She shouted, "Good Job Mama, High Five!"
I guess I must have done it right!

Later in the morning we were talkng about words, Selena is always asking me to spell different words for her. Somehow we got on the word piano, she looked on as I wrote it out on a piece of paper and got a puzzled look on her face. I explained that words like piano we can break down into smaller bits to learn how to say it. She got down so I figured she lost interest, so I retreated into the kitchen to start the dishes, when I heard the piano. When I asked Selena what are you doing playing on the piano? She informed me bit by bit we play the piano.

After dinner tonight I was beginning to feel tired, I told Selena, "Mama is getting so tired, I could just go to bed." Selena walked away. Pretty soon I hear her yelling, "Stuck, Stuck, Stuck" so I went to investigate to find her pulling the quilt and blankets off my bed. I asked her what she thought she was doing only to be told, "Well, you want to go to bed, so go to bed." I guess she was going to bring my bedding to me.

She never stops amazing me with the things that she comes up with or does. She sure keeps me on my toes, but I love every minute of it, especially when she tells me what to do, such as sing the song, good job mama, you know the song good! or get your keys mama, push the button, open the door, lift me in, buckle me up, now drive! What ever it is she always leaves a smile on my face and a bit of laughter under my breath. I love her so much and enjoy each and every moment with her.

Papa and I got her good tonight though, we told her it was time to go to bed, she screamed no, and took off running. Before she could flop to the floor, we both hit the floor and started crying and kicking our feet, Selena just looked at us like "You Fools!" Well we got her to bed with no fit!
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