Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Life Line

When the Doctors told me I had cancer and that I would be in for a fight of my life, I turned all my energy to my faith and the knowing that God didn't bless me with Selena, my granddaughter to raise, just to take me away from her. Through the next several weeks of tests and more tests to figure out what type of treatment I would have, I not only had my dear husband at my side but also Selena. What a trooper she was to spend so many hours in waiting rooms with Grandpa waiting for me to get through all the tests.

On December 1, 2008 I started Chemo and Radiation. My fight had began. Treatment was hard, and with Selena again at my side, I went and had my hair shaved off when it started to fall out. The next two months I was exhausted, sick, and hurt so bad, but never once did Selena let me down. She was such a great little nurse mate stroking my head when she knew I wasn't feeling well, making me laugh at the times I needed it most, but mostly just being a little trooper through the daily 80 mile drives (round trip) so I could get my Radiation, eating her breakfast in the van and singing her sweet little songs all the way.

She always wanted to use my soft pink blanket that I was given when I first started Chemo, which yes, she now sleeps with every night. She just fell in love with it, so I promised her she could have it when I was done with it.

Selena was constantly taking my hat off my head, and wearing it herself, this time she even crawled up on the couch, layed back on my pillow and looked as though she was pretending to be me. I spent quite a bit of time on the couch during those days.

I think Selena wore my wig more then I did. She would get so excited when I pulled it out that you would think she was going to cry. That too I told her she could have when I was finished with it. Sometimes when we are playing dress up, I pull it out and let her wear it as well.

These are just some of the funny things that Selena did that made me laugh through my treatments.
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  1. Kind of a random belated comment- but I just had to tell you that the fact that she loved your wig makes me smile. I'm a 7 year breast cancer survivor and I have pictures of my now-husband (then my boyfriend of 6 mos) wearing my wig. I think he looks better than I ever did! :-)