Thursday, June 4, 2009

Selena's Day

We got up this morning and I knew it was going to be another hot day. I quickly got Selena ready and took her to Walmart, what a mistake that was. She has turned into quite the little shopper. We walked out with three new short outfits of course all for her. She got a yellow Disney Princess outfit, a purple Pixy Fairy outfit, which I was happy with just those two outfits. Then suddenly she spied one that had Curious George and just had to have it. Well, I guess you know that Grandma couldn't tell her no to that one either.

We went to Payless shoes, since she just had to have some sandals to go with her new outfits, or so Grandma thought she did anyway. She of course found the Disney Princess pair that had little lights that light up when she walks and just had to have them. I agreed since they were more of what I was looking for in a sandal for her instead of some of those cheap plastic floppies.

When we got home of course it was beginning to get very hot outside and of course our house was quite warm with now air conditioning. Selena ate lunch but refused to take a nap. I really wanted to give myself a pedicure while she took her nap, but instead had to do it while she watched. Of course she had to soak her feet as well as I did, and then when I painted my toe nails she just had to have her toe nails painted too. Well I guess you know that Grandma accomodated her request, so for the next hour or two she would stop what she was doing to admire her pained toe nails. And of course she had to see how they looked in her new sandals.

Believe me Selena is quite a doll, and has always been a girly girl. I believe that Grandma will always have a little girl friend to do a lot more shopping and girl things with.
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