Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feeling Tired

Not that the title really matches this post, because it doesn't really. I have had a situation that I got tired of and now I regret letting it go to the point that I may have lost a friendship over it. What do you do though when you have a very good friend who all of a sudden decides that they know what is best for you and your family? They have all the answers to what church you should be going to, where you husband should be working, how you should be raising your child, and what you should be doing to make a little extra money...the list goes on.

I regret to say I had heard enough of it especially when this friend sat in my living room and once again started in about church, ok she asked me what I was looking for in a church...I got out "One with people closer to my age"...well you know there is a younger couple at her church oh he is about 68 years old....excuse me I am only 46 umm I don't consider that close to my age. Then suddenly she was asking why my husband didn't ride the public transportation to work. I have gone over this with her many times that the schedule doesn't work out with his then it was "Well he will just have to come back here to work" Excuse me and who is going to tell his boss this and not get him fired???? She kept nagging and nagging, until I finally announced I had heard enough and didn't want to talk to her about this any longer. She got up and sadly to say announced she would never come back and bug me again and walked out.

I so much want to make amends with her, but I don't want the nagging again. Besides who gave her the right to think that she could run my house hold this way? Who gave her the right to act like a mom when I don't need a mom, I had a wonderful mother and no body but no body will ever take her place.

That is the story!
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