Thursday, January 10, 2008

Promise, Oregon revisited

Now if this doesn't prove that we really do live in a small world, I don't know what does. After my previous post about Promise Oregon, I found a post from someone who had family that had homesteaded in Promise Oregon also. We emailed each other and she gave me her family's names...which I will omit for now as I do not post anything without someone's permission. I thought the names sounded familiar but just how they fit in I didn't actually know. Well, my guess was right the one family had married into my Grandmother's family. As for the other side of her family they actually owned the property where my Grandparents lived. It still amazes me that whenever I post information somewhere here on the Internet about Promise Oregon, the number of people that will contact me concerning their families homesteading up there.

This makes me really want to attend one of the reunions they have up there every year on July 4th. I guess I am just going to have to make it a point one year to go! I say if you know anything about your family and the adventures they took to get here to where you now call home, don't hesitate in getting the information out there somehow, who knows you too might just find more interesting information. It is fun and exciting to discover new facts all the time.
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