Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dreaming of Summer

It has been so cold and rainy this winter. Many have comented on how they haven't seen a winter like this in a long time. I know last summer wasn't much better. I read something wrote by Foxworthy about you know your from the Northwest coast when you know the seasons by Summer, Rainy season, more rain, Rainy Season, or something like that. Well I think he has hit it right on the head! The last few days I have been dreaming about Summer, and am hoping we will have a better summer then last year. These pictures were taken a couple of years ago. This is an activity we love to do during the summer, unfortunately we did not get to do any boating last Summer. This boat is so much fun to go out on and yes, we actually spend full weekends and sometimes weeks on it. This was after one of our weekends away, we were cleaning the boat and getting ready to head home. Oh I hope we get to go out on the boat this summer!

This picture is of Mount Rainier one morning when we woke up. We were out with several other Trollers (that is the type of boat that we go out on). They have their own group that get together and go from Harbor to Harbor. There is always good food, games, talk, laughter, but mostly friendships. This particular morning we woke up to find "Her Majesty" just shining over the top of the Harbor as if to say "Good Morning".

Here's to more boating next summer! Yipee!!
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