Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Traffic Blues

I just can't figure out why it is that when they finish a road that is suppose to make the traffic problem better, it ends up creating a bigger bog down then before. I went to Gig Harbor today to visit a good friend of mine. Now talk about having a blonde moment. When I hit the Narrows bridge, which I have been across so many times, and even underneath by boat a few times, I was shocked to discover 4 lanes, ummmmm dah blonde moment, there are now two bridges, one going East bound and the other West bound. Yes The Tacoma Narrows always had 4 lanes, but two in each direction, now each bridge has 4 lanes in each direction.

Anyway coming home just as I got off the brand new bridge....yes I did get on the right bridge to come home and even paid my 3 dollar tole! Traffic suddenly bottle necked coming to a complete stop. Was there an accident? What was going on? Well it seems that whoever planned that stretch of the freeway through Tacoma, either didn't know what they were doing or forgot to lable the exits in time for everyone to get in the lanes they needed to get in. Cars were shooting all over the place, as cars didn't want to miss their exits, other's looking for the right lane to get on I-5 going the right direction.

Oh get this, now this I had to just laugh at, when I was going out I-5 this morning I spotted where they were placing a new sign over in the South bound lanes. I didn't think something looked quite right with it, then it dawned on me the sign was backwards....Awful funny when I can read the sign and I am going North bound not South. I guess they figured it out because when I was headed home it was facing the right way.

I just wish someone could come up with a way to build roads that will handle all our traffic and realize that the idea of having cars comming on the Freeway to meet up with other's immediately exiting just with in feet of each other is not the best plan.

Anyway my 2 cents worth, what ever they are worth.
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