Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Snail Mail Pen Pals

Recently I joined a group in order to find some Snail Mail Pen Pals. Over all I have been having fun and have found a few very nice woment to pen pal with. I don't like to pre-judge people or sound like I am putting people down but what is with all the people out there trying to get pen pals who can do nothing by whine, feel sorry for themselves, beg people to give them inspiration to lose weight, or to send out form letters. I have nothing wrong with those who desire to type their letters on the computer and send them out, but I really feel it makes it more personal when you take the time to hand write the letters.

Today I received quite a few requests from women who would like to Pen Pal, but only found one out all the requests that I would even consider since all the rest started out all their introductions with all the problems they are going through in their lives. I didn't get into this group to be a shoulder, while I don't mind listening when you feel your life is falling apart, but I don't want your first words out of your mouth to be woe is me. Negativity....Negativity...Negativity. I can't help but ask what is going on in society when it seems like all people can focus on is their woes.

I am not trying to sound snobby here, as I have had my number of woes myself, between health concerns, loss of dear loved ones you know the usual woes that make you stand up at times and ask why me? But God put me here for a reason and He has promised to not give me more then I can handle, so why would I want to go to a complete stranger and pour out my woes? It seems to me that people are lacking something in their lives, maybe it has to do with the computer and the Internet, or maybe it is just the lack of faith not only in themselves, but in our Heavenly Father.

Anyway, as I continue to prescreen invites to be pen pals you best bet the first sign of woe is me goes in my garbage folder. Come on people there has to be something good in your life.
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  1. Hi Debbie I am Kate and I am in Circleofpenpalsandfriends with you.

    Some times it is hard to be a pen pal. I am one for typing letters (not necessarily form letters but I understand the need for them sometimes)

    My problem with some of the pen pals are they put deadlines on when you can write them. I don't know about you but I have a full time job and family life and other things that don't always allow me to write frequently.

    Anyway, you can link on to my name and see my blogs here at blogspot. I am going to make a post of all the blogs I have. They pretty much are posts that I write here..

  2. Hi Kate, I definately agree that there are times when typed letters are just fine. Some people do have medical reasons for needing to type their letters. Sometimes you can almost tell the difference though when someone has to type their letters to someone who is doing it just to save time...depends alot on the content and how it is thought out...if you get my meaning there.

    Also I to understand about the time line, while I would love to hear back from my pen pals in a timely manner, heck girl friend I am with you there my life raising my granddaughter, (especially at my age) and all the other demands in my normal life this is not always possible, so why should I put time frames on others. I never heard of such a thing, I know when I use to pen pal before sometimes there would be weeks between letters yet we never complained.

    Oh well, that is people for you. Thank you for joining me here and I have linked to yours, I am still trying to figure this lay out thingy out, once I do I plan on having a list of those that I share blogging with, I have seen other's do it, so it shouldn't take me long to figure it out myself.

  3. I have been paling for more years than I can remember and prefer to do it longhand, mainly because it sometimes takes me days to write a letter and I like to sit in the recliner or prop myself up in bed or even go to the park on my lunch and "visit" with my friends. I don't mind receiving typed letters, but there is something so much more personal about a handwritten letter..... Joy