Sunday, July 29, 2007


Sometimes I just become obsessed with something that I just can not shake. Well, the last couple of days after finding my family tree that my Aunt and Uncle made, I discovered that they had my Great Grandmother's Birthdate listed at 1855 while my Great Grandfather's was listed as 1862, something just did not seem right to me. I spent hours and hours searching different sites to try to find the correct information. I was really beginning to pull my hair out as I just did not feel that this date was correct but I could not find a single thing. I did however find my Great Great Grandparents names Yippee!!

Finally it hit me like a rock, when we visited the homestead in Promise, Oregon where my Great Grandparents had homesteaded when they moved to Oregon, we visited the cemetary where she is buried. I remembered taking pictures of her head stone, figuring I would probably never get back to Promise Oregon again in my life time. No, I don't go around taking pictures of headstones! Now, what in the world did I do with these pictures? Well needless to say I found them nestled inside our family scrapbook and guess what according to the headstone she was born in 1869, or that is what I believe it to say. It is going to be hard to really know for sure since she was born in Sweden. Maybe I will start a search of that even possible? I guess I will have to see if by chance they have such registries as we do.

Anyway my point is I just hate it when something so silly obsesses me. Who really cares when my Great Grandmother was born? Or this obsession just another sign of my compulsion for having everything just perfect? Yes, that is right I am a perfectionist in many areas of my life...especially for some reason where my family history goes. Now that probably sounds strange, but I can't help it I love dreaming about my family history, what my family lived like, who they were, and where they came from. Now this is all another story in itself, but for now I can only say I do believe I am closer to being able to put this obsession to rest, and just head off to bed. So with that said goodnight and who knows what other obsession will arise tomorrow.
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  1. Oh yes! I can understand your obsession with trying to find out about your ancestors! I have been working on my family history for over 25 years. I have only heard stories about my ggg grandparents, the Hunters, through my grandmother's autobiography. Now that I am trying to track down proof through records, I can find no proof of anything my grandmother was told by HER grandmother (the daughter of the Hunters). It has become an obsession with me. So you see, there are others of us out here who get obsessed with "from whom we came from!" :) Joy