Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Teaching Others About Homeschooling

We have been asked as many questions about homeschooling as the rest of you homeschoolers have. I know these who question just have concerns about Selena. I am OK with fielding questions I have no problem with answering them. However, I never felt my answers were enough. I finally invited a couple of them into my home to see a day in our life. This happened to take place in the evening and gave Selena a great time to learn how to give a presentation. Yes, I tackled many things by doing this.

First let me tell you about the two that I invited in. Two people who are very close to Selena, who try very hard to understand her, also who support very much in her curiosity.  One who is more hands on and allows her to ask questions and watch as work is being done when it is safe, and one who is the same way, but also worked for the Sheriff’s office and has seen what can come of homeschoolers when they are over protected and not given the opportunity to life skills. this can be a huge problem in any area when we shadow over our children, they can become unequipped to handle the world.

They were here for only a half hour, and Selena told them how she gets to go to the school to play with her friend as well as roam a small part of our town. Now she does go with an older child, and does meet up with this child’s friends. They have a cell phone and can be in in constant contact with me including GPS service.

She showed them as much of her school work as possible and what she is learning. She talked outside of the box about everything she knew about spiders, as well, as what she knows about life in general, asking one important question of them: “If we continue to see small businesses close in our town, what will be the impact on the economy?”


She also shared with them her Geography and History Scrapbooks, and Science Lapbooks. 

By the time they left, the realized that Selena is getting a very rounded education and probably much more then most public school children get. Have you ever considered inviting others for a field trip through your school? I know Selena learned a lot about giving a presentation, answering questions, and even posing many of her own.

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  1. I don't get questioned a lot because most of the people I am close to either homeschool or are favorable to home schooling. I have been thinning, however about doing a homeschool presentation night ever since I saw Angelicscaliwags do it.