Sunday, January 11, 2015

Finally a Classroom

From the time we started homeschooling I so wanted a place to call a classroom. We first started out working at the dining room table, with all our supplies stored in plastic bins. It worked just fine, but I longed for something that just felt more like our area.


Selena was given a desk, and we quickly turned a corner of my office area into a small quaint place we did school work. As I am getting busier with more work, I longed for more office space and still wanted an area we would just consider our learning area.

Christmas came and Selena received some really cool science kits. She informed us that she wanted a science table, somewhere to work on her science kits without having them spread out all over the dining room table. She also received a new tablet for Christmas, so we offered her the opportunity to sell her Nabi. Within one day of listing it we were delivering the Nabi for $50.00. Selena was a little hesitant at first seeing that much money in her hand but she really wanted an area to work in and quickly gave me the money to buy a table. We settled on a nice table, and though she did not have enough money for it Papa and I helped her with the rest needed to purchase it.

While we were waiting for the table to come in Selena started making plans and said it would be nice if the table would be perfect for all her school. One of her greatest complaints about our other set up is that it does get chilly in that corner of our house. I didn’t see any reason we could not move our classroom. Sure it meant I had some work to do, I had to purge and move things around to empty two cupboards and two drawers for Selena.


As you can see her table offers plenty of room for any project she wants to do, and wow look at that view she has to look at everyday. She loves nature, so I think being able to just stop and watch the birds, or whatever other nature events will be refreshing for her.


Just another view of her table and our little classroom. With a few different changes we added a calendar to her desk, and a little drawer for pens,  pencils, and erasers.


Her two cupboards with games, art supplies, manipulates, science kits and still an empty shelf for new items.


Perfect counter space for books. Yes, I admit there is still a full counter here and I would love to fill it up with work boxes, and a filing system. It will come.

What will we do with the old area? Well that will become mostly my office space, which I badly need, but we will also still use the old desk and that area for a computer lab for Selena. We will set up our old computer and she will have the ability to enjoy educational games, and maybe even try her hand at some coding.

Selena woke first thing this morning and went straight to her table, wiped her hand across it and with a huge smile announced how much she liked the table and that it was perfect for school. When I pointed out that it was indeed her table, she paid for it, she was a little surprise, “You mean this table is mine and not yours?” That’s right it is all hers! She dreamed it, she did what she had to do to get the money, she picked it out, and now has a new sense of pride that she has just furnished her own little classroom.

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