Saturday, April 19, 2014

Thinking like a Paleontologist

I found this cool Fossil Find'R at Walmart a while back. Since we are beginning a study on Dinosaurs I picked up one just to see what Selena would think. The kit came with this plaster egg shaped ball, and a small plastic chisel/brush tool. Inside is hidden a Dinosaur Fossil. They have it marked for ages 4+ I think I would offer this to an older child though, it is a lot of work, slow, and tedious. We are having fun with it though. I did appreciate the fact that the first bone siting was very close to the surface, so the child knows there is definitely something inside.

After I gave my instructions to Selena on how careful she would have to be to find the fossil, and to not just try to smash it open, she went right to work on trying to find her fossil hidden inside. We started this process on Saturday afternoon. Selena carefully worked, taking many breaks from the tedious task, only to return and work some more. Yes, Papa and I did get involved and helped a bit, but Selena has done most of the work on her own. We have resisted digging in and speeding up the process.

So far this is the point we are at. Selena has made a few observations and hypothesis as to what type of Dinosaur this might be. From the shape of the head she thinks it is a meat eater, and the shape of the bones she feels it is a Tyrannosaurus (T-Rex). I love how this simple kit is making her think like a Paleontologist, as well as showing her how tedious they have to work in order to discover all they do about the animals from years ago that use to walk on our earth. Stay tuned we will reveal what we find, and conclude on Selena's hypothesis when we get this little critter out.

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